Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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Frankly speaking, I do not like what I see too. Jeremy again had some health issues after many trips to the vet. Now the aliens had evolved to something that I had never seen before and they can move all over the place if elimination is not done immediately. So far so good as I have not seen them attacking the rest of the bunch. Can you imagine that they can move whichever direction they like, even without eyes?



Can someone tell me what are they? They are making me panicky now as I am not in a good condition to go anywhere now with a bad flu and fever and I have a bad situation here as well. Here are where they came from. I tried not to make the photos too gross by cropping them straight to the objects.



I would appreciate it if someone will assist me in finding out what these aliens are as I do not think I have the energy to stare at the screen more now. I need to rest before I blacked out. I promise to visit you when I recover. But can I with another dilemma in my hands? Mama Jessica has gone missing from the house since this morning and I am still waiting for my friends to come over to conduct a search party in the neighborhood. Let’s hope she will not wander too far and get lost.



Gattina said...

Sorry to read that you are feeling so bad ! Unfortunately I can't see from what these "worms" come from, you made the picture so big that it could be a piece of rotten meat or a piece of "shit" (sorry) ! Are they in the house, in the fur, inside the cat or in the litterbox ? I only know the classical cat worm which is white and goes away with a good worm pill.

Irishcoda said...

I hope you're feeling better and wish I could help you with ID'ing that gross looking thing but I've not seen anything like it. Ewwwwww!

catsynth said...

Oh no, we hope Mama Jessica comes home soon.
And hope you feel better. I'm sorry, I can't really help identify those worms. If they are on the cats or their "products", sounds like time for a vet trip?

Daisy said...

Those look like tapeworms to me. They look like tiny little maggots, and after they dry up and drop off, they could look like little sesame seeds. They come from ingesting fleas, so, given your flea issues, that's probably what they are. They are easily treated!


It looks like a Tapeworm segment.
Symptoms: Cats will have intestinal discomfort,itchiness around anal area and weight loss.
Sometimes there are no symptoms
at all. Depending on which type of tapeworm (2 kinds) they are come from fleas or from an animal host like mice,when cats eat them.
I hope the Vet can help you with
de-worming all the kitties.
Feel better Criz, the kitties
need you! Purrs!

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh sorry, I hope you feel better soon.
Your worm pictures are so big and eeeeeewww. Our cats get pills against worms. The pills destroy the worms in the gut.
We hope you can find Mama Yessica soon.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Yikes, those worms look gross. Have the kitties got them? If so, a trip to the vet looks imminent. Hope you feel better and that Jessica could be found soon. I am purring for both of you.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon. Medecin is the only issue! Give us some news soon!

Deana said...

Your mama Jess may be in heat. My dogs tapeworms are similiar to that but they are more white, but I haven't zoomed in. The dogs get tapeworms after eating deer hide or something with flea larvae. Are you completely rid of fleas, fleas lead to tapeworms. But it is cured with one pill.

Yours seem to need just a good dose of worming pills. AND if one has them they ALL need to be treated. If they eat together they will share the aliens.

Deana said...

PS- Earl always gets his weight back after the pill. Every hunting season he gets a stupid tape worm.

Andree said...

Those are tape worms, Criz. Each kitty in the house needs a pill now. But it's' easy to get rid of. Then maybe they each get another pill in a week or two or something. They are the easiest worms to get rid of. But you MUST do it because they can kill if allowed to continue. Sorry to say that, but it's true. I hope you get better soon.


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