Monday, March 28, 2011


Have you ever wondered why at certain time, your pet's characters and behaviors swayed from bad to worst? This is something that most of us would be in a daze as we could not understand their language and there tends to be lots of communication breakdowns. No matter what, there's something quite universal about your pet(s) and you. All of us have feelings and we do get into periodical mood swings as well. On top of that, fear, insecurity, the need of love and affection, understanding, communication are some of the common scenarios we faced each day. I'm going to share with you a touching real-life Japanese video on the relationship between a cat and his owner. I'm sorry that only Chinese subtitle is provided but I did a summary in English just right after the video for a clearer understanding of what really happened as shown below.

A 5 years old cat (named Gu La) suddenly turned violent against everyone at home, especially when confronting with the eldest daughter, Mei. Ever since being adopted from the garbage bin as a kitten, both Mei and Gu La were inseparable. Now, both of them cannot even stay in the same room. With the help of a lady (Hai Bo) whom can communicate with animals, they finally knew about Gu La's temperamental problems.

It was amazing how Hai Bo could calm down Gu La in a sitting posture and by the blink of the eyes. Everyone did the same action to gain back Gu La's confidence. From Gu La's body action, it was learned that he had a sad and angry history. He felt the insecurity when Mei moved out from the house to further her studies. The time spent together got lesser and lesser as the days passed. He has lost his mother two weeks from birth and is Mei as his adopted mother discarding him as well?

He missed the hugs Mei gave him ever since small. From sadness, loneliness and fear, it became anger. By showing her endless love commitment to Gu La, Mei finally got his trust to mend the lost relationship. "I never hate Gu La and leave the house. I have to further my studies, thus I have no choice but to leave Gu La for awhile. Even though we are separated, I have always love Gu La. I do really wish I could be with Gu La as before." Mei kept radiate her love from her heart towards Gu La.

Gu La suddenly changed his pose, "Come... scratch my tummy~". Mei has not been showing her affection by stroking Gu La for 3 years. To her surprise, Gu La extended his paw towards Mei as if it was a peace hand shake. Now everyone can stroke Gu La without having the fear of being scratched at. This was indeed a touching moment~ :)

Note: I tried my best to get the information translated as accurately as possible. The names of the cat and human are from direct translation. I hope I got them right~ :P

Friday, March 11, 2011


Tati Ambia shared this news regarding the present life of one of the remaining kittens in the Serdang Cat Killer case. According to the news, Victor Fei from the Selangor Times, went to the crime scene located behind KFC at a fruit shop, next to the Seri Kembangan market and saved the dying kitten without any hesitation. The kitten is now back to normal health. Thanks Victor for your compassionate heart to give this kitten a new life.

There was a bit of doubt here too as no one could ascertain if this was one of Chow Xiao Wei's victims. From the date Chow admitted abusing the kittens on 19 February 2011 until the day she held a press conference on on 6 March 2011, it was 15 days apart. Could the kitten suffer such an ordeal for such a long period? My answer would be a "Yes".

I had personally encountered such a case before when I tried to help a black tabby with serious head injury from what I presumed was a badly abused case. Her head was struck with a hard object, most probably with a stick, until you can see her open skull with blood stains. I tried getting her to a vet but she disappeared in fear. Things did not look promising then as I could not trace her at that location ever since. Two months later, I mysteriously spotted her at the same location scavenging for food. At least her head injury was better. The wound had closed up with pinkish colored flesh remained. Again, I failed to capture her for treatment. A month later when I went back to that place, she was there again. This time, her black fur had grown back steadily but slowly. If you are at KFC, Jalan Larut, Penang, you might still bum onto her once in awhile. Unless you have her confidence, it's not that easy to approach her still. From this case, you would know there are possibilities that a cat would live on, even as hardcore case as this one.

You might ask me how confident I am in identifying a cat. I had single handed helped my mother cat, Mama Jessica, in two deliveries. In fact, they had gone through 4 years with me, from a kitten to beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen. Identifying a kitten would not be hard at all as each kitten has their own markings, just like the fingerprints of a human. If you study closely on the kitten photo in the newspaper, you would notice that there's a "M" marking on the forehead. It's the same as the kitten on the right. Even the little "mold" below the lips is the same. If you compare the lying position of the kitten in the newspaper with that of the kitten, there are similarities too. The fur color of kittens might fade a bit or changed to more orange as they grow up but those markings would remain the same. Let's hope that this lucky kitten would have a better life from now on. Let's pray that those who had gone over to the rainbow bridge would find some peace from the nightmare.


Thursday, March 10, 2011


Adapted from Malay Mail


PETALING JAYA: The "Serdang cat kiIler" now faces another report against her, this time from the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services (DVS).

Yesterday morning, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) president Christine Lai lodged a police report in Petaling Jaya against 21-year-old Chow Xiao Wei who apologised to torturing and killing three kittens with an umbrella and stomping them to death.

At 2.30pm yesterday, Christine filed another report with DVS against Chow. A copy of the report would be handed over to the Shah Alam Deputy Public Prosecutor, to get an approval to start an investigation.

Meanwhile, Selangor DVS director Datuk Haji Mohd Radzuan Malik denied claims by several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that the department was reluctant to act on various animal abuse complaints against them.

"We carried out many investigations of animal abuse over the years. In most cases there were no harsh cruelty to animals as described under the law for us to take appropriate action," he told The Malay Mail.

"I understand most NGOs want immediate action against animal abusers but what's perceived as cruel in the eyes of the public, is not necessary so in the eyes of the law. Unless there is an amendment to the law pertaining to the rights of animals, only then can prompt action be taken against animal abusers."

Radzuan said in animal abuse cases, it was vital for witnesses to come forward to assist in investigations.

"There was one major animal abuse case dropped because witnesses refused to testify. This involved stray dogs at a train station. People were scared of the stray dogs, leading to some people taking matters into their own hands by being cruel to the strays."

Meanwhile, since Chow apologised, she should be made to do community service, says Malaysian Small Animal Veterinary Association (Sapam) president Clement Anthony.

"She should do community service like sweeping drains, instead of doing volunteer work at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)," Anthony said.

"Animal abusers should not be let off with a minimal fine. Only a jail term will make them sorry."

Anthony said those who watched the recent closedcircuit television (CCTV) footage of the Serdang cat killer would find it hard to forgive her despite her apology and promise never to abuse animals again.

"While torturing the cats, she kept looking at the CCTV as though she was proud of what she was doing."

Anthony urged the authorities to amend the Animal Act of 1953 to have the fine increased to RM50,000 so as to serve as a deterrent.

"The Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) should also lead in taking legal action against animal abusers,"
he said.

"Sapam has filed several reports on animal abuse to the DVS but feedback from them has been discouraging."

Anthony also commended Facebook members for exposing the incident soon after the CCTV footage was uploaded.

"The public can play a major role by not condoning any animal abuse and also reporting such incidents without delay," he said.

S. Vijayaletchemi, an animal lover who has three dogs, believes the Serdang cat killer should serve jail time and be under tight supervision while doing community work.

"Only through a jail term will she repent. Someone has got to pay the price for their cruel act in order for others to learn from it."

NGO lodges police report against 'Serdang Cat Killer'
Tracking animal tormentors

Sunday, March 6, 2011


To have a clearer understanding on the case, check out:
1. Tati Ambia's inside interview: Her close encounter with the abuser.
2. Kwong Wah (Chinese) : 网搜下无所遁形 虐猫女现身道歉
3. Free Malaysia Today: "Kitten Killer" Apologises
4. The Star: Kitten killer claims to be depressed over parents’ divorce
5. Malay Mail: Cat Abuser Says Sorry

The outcome of the press conference with the cat abuser is still unclear. We’ll still need to wait for the official news through the media later today. From what I can understand from some of the comments left in FaceBook, it was a closed door press conference with only the reporters, the abuser and the assemblyman’s team. Due to some pressures, 4 persons were allowed to get into the service center to represent the public. The weird thing was… why were the SPCA personnel invited but then were stopped from going into the building? They were only allowed to sit in while enforcement officers from the Department of Veterinary Service (DVS) got a statement from the accused. DVS has stated that they would immediately pursue a court case. If found guilty, the accused would have to pay a maximum of RM200 as a fine and/or maximum 6 months jail, an amount and imprisonment period that everyone crying foul over it.

The only thing we know was that the accused presented a letter of apology and further investigation would be carried out before any decision is to be made. Here’s the letter which I presumed was written by someone else on the abuser’s behalf. It’s in Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia. I’ll translate in at the later part.



I sincerely wish to ask for forgiveness from the public, especially those animal lovers, for my action in abusing those kittens. I was not in control at that moment and thus made a huge mistake.

Due to the seriousness of this case, my Mum has taken me to a psychologist in hope to help me out. My Mum is a single mother, working in a market at Kampung Baru Seri Kembangan. After my Dad and Mum divorced, my Mum remained the sole bread earner in the family.

I hope the public will forgive me and give me an opportunity to correct my mistake. I promise this type of incident will not occur again and I would learn to love and respect other living creatures.

I wish to clarify that I’m not a lesbian, a psycho, as reported by the media a few days back. I hope the media would not post up false facts.

On top of that, I have received a few SMS threats which had threatened my safety. I have made a police report on this.

Thank you.

Chow Xiao Wei, 21 years old

Well, many people are still not happy about this. How could a simple letter of apology, which did not even bear any signature of hers, be sincere? Depression does not mean you can go out abusing and killing anything that can be easily bullied. Come on… This is the first stage of becoming a future psychopath! If the head of the accused is not properly examined, there would be more killing soon.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


Many of you might not be aware about the recent hot video that had gone viral not only in Malaysia but throughout the world. The approximately 5-minutes video which was retrieved last week from a CCTV along a back lane in Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia, showed something that got many animal lovers in fumes. It showed the then assumed to be a boy (the abuser was later identified as a teenage tomboy) abusing a family of 3 kittens and a mother with an umbrella. The video was later deleted from the main source which is a forum but somehow someone managed to download it before it was gone. The video resurfaced in FaceBook a few days later under the account of a Mr. Ken Liew with over 1,000 Likes and over 4,000 comments and it’s still increasing. Here’s the video:


The next day, another FaceBook user, by the name of Love Cat, uploaded a series of lookalike of the accused abuser. The FaceBook Likes has gone up to over 3,000 to date with an endless stream of comments surpassing 7,000 by now. The fan page received many different reactions, mainly the inhuman way to treat the kittens. It did at times, created some hate race, hate tomboy, prank video accusation, lack of proof accusation, legal issues, etc. Luckily, everything’s still under control. Here are the photos of the accused abuser as posted up by the page.








The latest news is that the accused abuser will be holding a press conference tomorrow (Sunday, March 6, 2011) at 10.00am (Standard Time +0800 UTC) accompanied by the Seri Kembangan Assemblyman YB Ean Yong Hin Wah at his service center, 1121-1B, Jalan Sekolah, Kg Baru Seri Kembangan, Selangor, Malaysia. Police reports will be lodged at the district police station after the press conference, followed by an official complaint lodged with the Department of Veterinary Services on Monday.

A source, who appeared to know the suspect’s background, said the suspect, a girl, was raised in a troubled family with a history of domestic violence due to an abusive father. “The family has problem, the girl has problem too. So I hope everybody will give her a second chance,” said the politician. The politician said the girl is “very fragile” at the moment because of the unrelenting public condemnation of her deed on FaceBook.

Does that mean she would get away so easily with just, "I'm sorry. I won't do that again."? I would strongly recommend that she get herself an appointment with a shrink. Her head sure needed mending badly. How many alcoholic would swear that they would never get drunk again? How many serial killers would stop killing as if they are bored to kill for another time? Another point to ponder here.

Someone has to put a stop to such cruelty as we have to show the authorities that many do not condone to animal abuses. But there’s a problem in Malaysia, even if the accused is found guilty. Our outdated Malaysian Animal Act 1953 is a bit too lenient with Section 44. "Anyone guilty of an offense of cruelty to animals shall be fined RM200 and/or imprisonment for 6 months". That is even lesser than my monthly mobile bill! We really need to get the Animal Act amended or there would be more abusers!

If you study the fines and sentences throughout the world, you would find that Malaysia has the lowest fine in this region since the colonial days in 1953. What have the government been doing for almost 6 decades? Even our SPCA has no power in detaining abusers. Their job is merely to gather those strays out there, pathetically rely on donations to spay/feed them and the worst case is to wipe them out when over population occurs.


Anyway, this case has been highlighted by many concern animal lovers to a few SPCA around the country, namely SPCA Selangor. Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), PETA- Asia Pacific, Department of Veterinary Services, newspapers and a few radio and TV broadcasting companies were notified too. This vividly showed that the public is deeply concern over such a case.

RESEARCH FACTS: “An animal abuser would be 5 times more likely to harm a human and 4 times more likely to steal from a property than one with no such track record.”

If heavy fines and stronger sentences were not executed at the initial stage of wrongdoing to instill a fear on such crime, it would become a catastrophe in a country in near future. Would you want murder cases to be a norm in your life? Would you close one eye to such needs to amend the law just because it won’t generate much income to the country? Think about it! You won’t want the safety and life of your child to be at stake when criminal cases are abundant. Do not always assume that tragedy only happen to others and not to your own family. Anyway, I don’t like to ASS/U/ME anything… it makes an ASS out of U and ME!

Note: I don’t have to attach any news links here as this post practically summed up the whole news. I’ll update on the verdict after the press conference tomorrow.

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