Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Life has been rather quiet here this festive season with rains of tears storming this tropical region almost daily, especially on one specific spot - my then new but now sad home. Ever since Jeremy's departure, I had to brave myself to stay strong as my promise to him when I sent him off in his last journey. From the outlook, I may look happy as usual but for those who knew how close I was with Jeremy, could sense my inner sadness, especially the J Family Kitties who had been jamming in my bed without fail nightly. They were indeed right as inside my heart and soul, I'm just a weakling... longing to cuddle and play with him forever. It took me quite some time to gather up my courage to compile his photos from the past 3 years to make this simple video.

Each time I had finished checking an album, I eventually fell back to his last photo on the frozen ground on that wicked afternoon, dripping tears furiously but silently. Psychologically, I needed the strength to pull through but only time will heal my sadness. I really need the peace of mind right now to get my life back to normal even without him around to put a smile on my face as always. I guessed this painstaking and tearful video I had produced would be the sole memory of him for me to cherish forever. Peacefulness... calmness... are what I can hope for... and that's what I have been doing by watching those memories ten of times each day...

Note: You might want to let it load fully before playing for the best effect. In case of failure to load well, try visiting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N76pO4zRv3I

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the wishes and comfort during these sad moments. Jeremy was the love of my life… my son… the “man” behind my blog. Without him around, my life had gone crashing down. It happened so quickly and I was totally helpless to help him pull through. Subconsciously, I still filled up his bowl daily… That showed how much I had missed him and not wanting to think that he had left me for good. I’ve no reasons why I’m still so reluctant to put away his food bowl, although the rest of the J Family Kitties enjoyed the extras. Maybe that would be the best way to overlook on that part for some time.

Trudy ('Kaika, Tanith, Midnight, Stella, Blackie and Miss Kitty’s mum) was kind enough to warn me through ML on the possibility of some warfarin (rat poison) presence here, just in case the rest of the kitties had gone wandering around biting on any poisoned rats. Thank you for your concern, Trudy. I appreciate it a lot. From my knowledge, no one I knew was using such toxic substance here. Moreover, Jeremy would rather go dating at Monty’s house than to waste his energy chasing rodents and the rest of the kitties are rather homely. If only Jeremy knew Monty was spayed. Monty indeed loved his presence over the rest of the kitties.

I was really in stormy anger when I went over to my vets for a post mortem of the incident. They were supposed to detect any health problems on my babies but they failed to do so for Jeremy. The act of moving to a new place about a month ago and just 15 minutes’ drive to the vet did not save Jeremy’s life. Only cat fight wounds from a recent brawl with the mafia cat here were treated instead of checking further the cause of him losing some hair at his back. It was only concluded that it could be due to CRF (Chronic Renal Failure) he has been suffering from for awhile, in which none of us were aware of and with no symptoms at all. The illness suddenly took a bad turn into ARF (Acute Renal Failure) during the last two days of his life, as pointed out by Trudy.

I guessed I have to stay strong now and share my bad experiences here so that the rest of you out there would be knowledgeable enough to spot the hidden symptoms to avoid the same life threatening scenarios as in Jeremy’s case. On the other hand, I’ll need to shift my mind not to wander off wildly again as I have been during the past few days. Here are some comparisons as I found from vetinfo.com which I would be using to show on Jeremy’s recent behaviors:

Common symptoms of CFC include:

* Excessive urination and thirst – Normal healthy stools but peed quite often in small puddles.
* Loss of appetite – No signs of this. He was hungry always.
* Fatigue – He had his usual sleeping time. Nothing suspicious found here.
* Weight loss – A bit and I thought it was due to the relocation stress.
* Vomiting – Not that I have known of except for some fur balls throw up.
* Bad breath – None as he’s the cleanest cat in the household.
* Drooling – Not as regular as before I had moved here but extremely during his last 2 days.
* Dehydration – He did drink a lot though from running to and fro Monty’s house.
* A Dull Coat – The normal change of hair seasonally but it could meant he was not well too.

Key signs of ARF include:

* Lack of Coordination – He was still moving around here and there with no such signs.
* Refusal to eat – He ate a lot in the morning but not at night in that fearful state.
* Pain and straining during urination – Not that I was aware of.
* Vomiting – None at all.
* Weakness – A bit which I assumed was from a mild cold from the recent wet weather.
* Disorientation – The night before his missing as he was in “Sphynx” position and not lying down, shaky and in fear, which I assumed was the threat from the mafia cat. It’s a crashing sign for immediate medical attention!
* Bad breath – Not at all.
* Seizures – None at all except during the posture he was in when I found his body :(

Other findings from my personal observation on Jeremy:

* Fur Loss – Only after moving here which I assumed they were from some cat fights.
* Pee Color – Deep yellow and extremely smelly than norm.
* Hide & Seek – During the last few days, Jeremy has been digging and hiding in dark areas in my house. I thought it was the nature of cats to do so... mischievously.
* Constant Seeking Out – I thought he wanted to snuggle with me more without realizing that he was not so well and would like to be as close to me as possible. I should have known that he wanted to tell me that he was sick and wanted my immediate attention and action.
* Unusual Purrs – It could be an indication that he was in discomfort instead of content. If only I could understand cat language to hear him out. :(
* Blood Stain Mucus-like Substance – It could be due to some internal bleeding which my vets and I could not determine the cause of it. If only he stayed and did not run away, he could have been saved. :(
* Unusual Cries – Do not ever ignore such cries from other cats. It could mean that they are seeking help for someone they love. If only Monty could show me where Jeremy has been hiding, I could have had rushed him for emergency treatments.

I’m still in a sad and broken down stage now but I have to brave myself to write this post. It’s not so easy as to write on something you have lost recently without drowning in sorrow. Jeremy would be grateful for what I had written here to share with others. At least, another life would be saved for speedy actions. The picture of his cold body still haunted me nightly. The thought of his last moments on his face and the tears in his sparkling eyes left a deep wound in my heart. For 3 full years, I have been treating Jeremy as if he was my own son but he just left me without allowing me to be by his side during the last moment. Who would have expected that his birthday would become his death day?

The J Family Kitties have been real supportive these few nights by cuddling around me at all times. They somehow could sense my sadness. I hope I can pull through this sudden trauma very soon… it has been the saddest moment in my life…



* sorry but this was his last photo and I would like to remember him forever...

Thursday, December 16, 2010



No words can describe
How sad and empty I feel today
Especially when it's your birthday.

Why did you have to go away suddenly
And leave a big hole in my heart
When there was hope for you to exist?

What I'm suffering now seems so unfair
As my love for you has never ended there.

I'll cherish the moments I held you in my arms
with you gracing me always with your lovely charms.

A million words and tears would not change the fact
That you would never ever come back.

I'll brave the bitter grief that comes
No matter how sad I had become

As I know that you're on a safer ground now.
Rest in peace my Jeremy, my son...

I'll held tight the memories of
My love for you forever and ever...

Thanks for the wishes and prayers everyone.
Jeremy is now over the rainbow bridge.
Update: http://crizcats.blogspot.com/2010/12/jeremy-is-critically-ill-and-lost.html

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


16 DECEMBER 2010:
UPDATE: 12.10pm - Monty's Mum found him dead frozen under her car. I was lost for words. :( A simple funeral was held. Goodbye Jeremy~ http://crizcats.blogspot.com/2010/12/remembering-jeremy.html

UPDATE: 10.20am - 24 hours since I found him sick. He's still missing. :(


UPDATE: 8.12am - He did not greet me this morning. I'LL NEED A MIRACLE NOW! :(

UPDATE: 2.00am - Went out to check again with Janice. Still none! :(

UPDATE: 12.00am - Armed with torch lights... Checked the whole neighborhood with a friend. Jeremy not found. :(

15 DECEMBER 2010:
UPDATE: 10.10pm - Still no sign. I'm still praying and hoping... Don't let me down Jeremy...Sob~ Sob~

UPDATE: 8.07pm - More than 10 hours and still no sign of Jeremy back for dinner. I'm not going to like the sound of it... Where could he be?

UPDATE: 5.20pm - Went out checking the whole place for the 10th time by overturning whichever place he could have been hiding... NONE! He better come out from hiding fast before it's too late to do anything for him. It's getting late now. :(

I'm panicking here...it's a matter of life and death now but I can do nothing as Jeremy went missing before I could get him to the vet. I should have kept the main door closed. :( It was truly my mistake! 5 hours had passed but I could not find him in the whole neighborhood. Where could he be hiding? I really did not expect that a sick and weak cat can still linger out and hide himself away? Jeremy~ Please come home... you need to seek treatment immediately. Pleaseeee.....


I felt something real strange this morning when he came hunting for me. Not his norm anyway. Suddenly, I felt that he became so lightweight overnight. While cuddling him, he looked at me with that teary eyes and gave out a weird sounding meow. That was really strange. Before I could put him down to check out what was wrong with him, he leaked on my legs... not once but three times and the smell was extremely pungent.


Immediately I laced a box and put him in there for inspection while taking some shots to be emailed to my vet before they are open for business. Gosh! He was still leaking and his anus was filled with bloody mucus-like liquid.


This was a sign for emergency but the vet won't be in until another half an hour. I quickly cleaned up all the mess, changed and planned to take him to the vet but he was no where to be found in the box, around the house and outdoor in the garden. I try seeking for him door by door in the neighborhood but there was just no sign of him at all. I'm really stressed out right now. I'm hoping for some prayers for his speedy homecoming and great health.


Friday, December 3, 2010


It has been quite awhile since I managed to find time to update this blog due to my hectic work schedule, recovering from a long trail of sicknesses and an impromptu notice to relocate my place. It was indeed a tough time for me to manage everything all at the same time mentally, physically and financially. It took me a few months to sought things out and the luck to find this beautiful place where the kitties and myself would consider a true heaven. You may say it's a blessing in disguise as I finally found a nice house with a large compound in a neighborhood full of pet lovers. Although this neighborhood is more of a dog's paradise than a cat's, the J Family Kitties have no problem at all to make themselves at home now.

There were a few hiccups earlier when Jeremy and Jayson were lost for a few days but all are well now with them adapting to the new changes in environment smoothly. There was also the case of a mafia cat from a few blocks away terrorizing them but the family spirits of the kitties did overcome the situation. Well done kits~ :) Then there was this and that and more stories followed but I guessed you would have missed the pictorial chats of the kitties for some time right? anyway, here's something to brighten your weekend. You may need to click on the photo to enlarge further. Happy weekend everyone! :)


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