Tuesday, September 30, 2008


UPDATES 2.15pm: Thanks everyone for your concern. I'm a bit short handed here with Janice sleeping soundly in my arms after her medication. She's still weak and it didn't stop raining yet since yesterday. I'll need to get her warm.



It has been more than 24 hours and I have not had much rest. I’m still monitoring Janice’s condition with her sleeping next to me now. Ever since the “horn case” last Thursday, which did not show any signs of her being sick, she suddenly turned for the worst last night. Her stools were soft, slimy and bloody. She vomited every few hours with clear slimy substance, almost anywhere possible. Occasionally, I saw blood stains on the floor. She barely touches her food although she did show that she was eager to gobble something down. Worst still, she is still shivering now and the continuous cold rain throughout the day did not make things any better. She didn’t even want me to caress her as I normally did. Neither would she want to sleep next to me. This is getting weirder and scarier every single minute.


From the last visit to the vet, she suspected that Janice could be having some fungal infection or tumor. It could either be horns cysts or cutaneous horns but it was rather rare on a young cat like 9-month old Janice. These tumor-like growths are almost always benign. I hated the sound of the uncertainty and it weakened my heartbeat. They might have to run more tests on her to be certain. Argh... most tests! I was advised to apply some cream on the affected areas and monitor her condition for the next few days.

I have thought of surgically remove those “horns” although the vet did say that it was not necessary. It could also be benign fatty tumor but on her forehead and not on her body? I’m feeling very insecure now as the “C” word has always scared the daylight out of me. I just want to make sure that those possibly “might be malignant” parts be removed. It even got me in more stress when I saw one after another of my J Kitty rotating shift in keeping Janice warm. It was some wonderful sights but… my mind kept running with wild thoughts.


I guessed I would have to take my kismet downstairs tonight to accompany her for another day. Just look at that sad looking eyes and tired face of hers. It just hurts my heart deeply to see her so sick. I just wish this bone-chilling rain would stop and I also wish that I could have done more to stop her suffering…


Life has also been quite cruel for Auntie Deb as she would have to undergo yet another operation on Tuesday. Daddy and us J Kitties would like to send our prayers and purrs for her speedy recovery. We love you Auntie Deb... Get well soon too!


Sunday, September 28, 2008


I think the heat from the recent weather might have gotten right into my brain and blurred my vision. I saw something white with grey fur wandering in my neighborhood garden. I thought it was a baby Siberian Husky until I got near to it. He was amazingly clean and handsome. I wondered if anybody owned this kitten as he was rather friendly.


As usual, I would carry some biscuits with me whenever I go out for an evening stroll. True enough, he came rushing towards me at the first scent of those yummy tuna kitten biscuits. He even allowed me to pat his back. After finishing his food, he went to the grass to clean himself up. I noticed a kind of weird stare from him. Is this what he has in his mind?


Saturday, September 27, 2008



This week’s theme is on VIEW.
There are many meaning to the word VIEW.
It can be a VIEW through a key hole.


It could also mean the range of vision or VIEW
of a cute little kitten hiding behind a fence.


Well, I get this sort of VIEW or inspection from
quite a number of strays as this one here.



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Friday, September 26, 2008


Here’s a self created animated birthday wish to my good friend and CCSI member, Opus. May your everyday be filled with happiness, health and wealth forever and ever! In case you cannot view the SWF file below, you might want to consider downloading the latest Flash Player or check out the static photo.


Speaking of sanctuary, I was in one for the second time today upon recommendation by a friend to seek treatment for my acute back pain. This is truly a peaceful place to be, not only for animals but humans as well. The whole place was full of wild plants, insects and birds of all shape and sizes. Of course, there would be the woofies and kitties too. I met up with an elder woman. She was as compassionate as I am. Living alone in a little house within the compound of the sanctuary, she has also helped feed those hungry strays around her.

She was telling me how hard it was to get someone to adopt those stray cats that have been lurking around her house. I agreed. In fact, both of us had the same thinking of not letting those poor souls ended up in an animal shelter for fear that they might be “ahem ahem” when things got worst. She showed me around in her fragile pairs of legs as she felled down barely few days ago. Both of us were there to seek treatment for the chiropractor there. To my surprise, those kittens were extremely cute. I almost took them home but I already have NINE at home. I was sure those brats would have created some havocs at home while I was there. They did… as usual. LOL! Anyway, just to share with you some photos of the family. By the way, I have the habit of carry a small pack of cat food with me always. :P





Well, don’t you feel like taking them home now? Somehow, something in them caught my attention immediately. It’s not their curiosity. It’s not their cuteness but their little gesture of wanting more love from us. Isn’t that what every single kitty would want from us forever?

Thursday, September 25, 2008


First of all, I would like to apologize if some of the latest posts had depressed you. When you are sick and down, you tend to rant nonsense but for my case I was really depressed for not being able to be there to help those poor animals, as in the cases of those strays. I just saw another one few hours ago but I won’t want to share the photos here as the words “blood”, “scars” or “holes” would have haunted your beautiful day there. Sorry about that because that’s who I am. By the way, I just did another good deed today by getting someone to try help out that poor tabby. I hope he can manage her well. Let’s pray that she can pull through.

Being sick is not fun. I must admit that I was not paying much attention to the J Kitties for a few days, except to feed them and gave them some clean water. Only an hour ago I had realized that Janice had grown two large horns in front of her ears. I’m really panicking now. What could those two pinkish things be? Both of the “lumps” seemed to be growing symmetrically on her face and she has been acting normal and hyperactive as before.


Anybody knows what can cause this? If it’s real serious, I have to arrange to get her to the vet straight away first thing in the morning. I do not think I’ll able to drive at this present moment as I’m still feeling weak and dizzy. Anyone had experienced this problem before. Please help me… I have a cute and adorable kitty over here. I don’t want a reindeer in the house…


Wednesday, September 24, 2008



After a few days of lying down and out from the blogging world, I had decided to get out from my house for some fresh air. It was eerily quiet in the neighborhood. There were no moving vehicles nor was there any noise from the kids around the area. I did not know what made me took out my camera at 1am in the morning but somehow I realized that it had become one of the parts of my body. Maybe I was curious… curious to find out who has been eating the food I left outside in my porch area every night. I know for sure that two of them would be Mimi and her mother Mama.


Suddenly, I caught sight of another stalker sitting right in the middle of the road. From the look from behind, she looked like she’s pregnant, which I think she was. Before I could see who she was, she moved under a car. I managed to take shot of her evenly colored fur. She was such a beauty.


After taking a few shots of her, she turned around and gave me a tongue out stare. I almost fell down from the fright. OMG! What a sight! Did you see what I saw?


I would not have thought that I would see another badly handicapped cat in my neighborhood and there she was right in front of me. I thought when I had helped Alpha (Mimi’s brother), he would be the last one. At least his lips were within help. Now how could I help one without a mouth? My heart just sank… I had enough of chest pain for the last few days and now it had just got worst. Oh God! Please spare these cats from more harm… please…


Tuesday, September 23, 2008




I hope when he is feeling better, we should do what our Auntie Nana has been doing in Japan. Should I get Daddy to make a resolution that both of us should lose some weight before Christmas this year? I hope so too. Ok… it’s time for me to jump over to Daddy’s bed to make him more comfortable now… Let’s see what Auntie Nana has been up to in Japan. Don’t worry if you can’t understand Japanese, I don’t too. Let the actions speak for itself…

Friday, September 19, 2008



This week’s theme is on ROAD.
Many people would have posted on ROAD
but I have decided to touch on the life of an insect…
Yup… it’s the ROAD to Freedom!
As you know most insects would not survive
from the playfulness of any kitties but this one did…
This millipede is a survivor!!


Why is the millipede so lucky?
The story goes like this…






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Thursday, September 18, 2008



Recently, the twins had changed their sleeping area again ever since Jolyn came into the house. She’s the typical Jeremy as she is as hyperactive as him but Jeremy also got fed up with her disturbing him when he was sleeping. Of all the places available in the house, they have chosen to sleep on the shoe rack, spoiling almost all the shoes around with their bites and scratches. Luckily I’m wise enough to keep all the new ones hidden from their sights.


Jolyn on the other hand decided to join them too. Unfortunately, she felt that it was too early to sleep… as usual. She would always be bored and wanting to play until the wee hours of the morning.


After finding no one else to play with, she went up to another shoe box and began to make all the funny noises. Jimmy was angry, so was Joey. What happened next? Watch on…




Wednesday, September 17, 2008



It really looked like my place is fast becoming a sanctuary for all the strays. I hope I won’t land myself into many problems as I did overhear some of my neighbors complaining about the “bombs” all over the place. Although my kitties are all the time indoor, there were times some weird and unaccounted for animals would drop by for a visit even during the crazy hours of the morning, including bats. Some even came with “gifts” to show that they have visited the place. At times, you will see those “gifts” all over the middle of the road, right in front of my neighbor’s house or on top of all the cars (damn fruit bats!).

With all those unforeseen incidents, I occasionally have to buy or cook something to bring over to my neighbors just to keep the relationships well. That’s part and parcel of being an animal lover amongst those non-animal lovers. Well, I had another one yesterday which kept me busy from doing anything else as he was really in need of urgent attention… but I did what I could to ease his sorrow…


Gosh! I was still looking at the signs on my wall. Does that include feeding a puppy as well? This puppy is a total stranger to me as I have not seen him around this neighborhood. What wonders me is that how does he know how to come right up to my doorstep to ask for food? The worst thing is that his whole body was covered with skin diseases. How could anyone ignore such a cute little puppy?



Luckily, I heard the kitties hissed loudly at him or else he would have gone away without me knowing about how bad his conditions were. He was in luck too as I have some doggy biscuits left in the house for the other stray puppies behind my house. When I approached him, he tried to run away but I managed to put out some biscuits for him to eat. He finished every bit of the food. How I wished he could have a better life instead of wandering all over the streets hunting for a home…


With all the hissing while he was eating, I don’t think the J Kitties would have accepted him well. Even Mama Jessica was hiding under the car peeping at what he was doing. I just hope there will be more caring people around here. Haiz… I wished…


Monday, September 15, 2008


(A submission for Karl’s I Dare You All #4, Part 2)

Keeping the environment populated with many greens has always been the practices of us, the J Kitties. After all, it would benefit the future generations well. (Daddy Criz: Wait! What do you mean by future generations? Are you all planning to have more babies in the family? OMG! Help!!! :P) Grrr… Daddy! Keep calm please... Errr.. Where was I? Oh ya… In order to have a better environment, everyone should chip in some effort to make things happen. Unfortunately, there would still be some who are just too lazy to get their butt moving…


Anyway, to get fresh air filled with oxygen, we must have more plants around. Getting a plant to be potted would not take much energy or time at all. It will just need a bit of effort to get up from the couch to go straight to the garden. That’s what we babies did. Our brother, Jeremy showed us the part in the garden where there were hardly any plants on it.


We struggled under the hot sun to get a few plants up. It was tiring but it was worth the effort. We were real happy that we had help to make the environment a better place to live in.



There’s another thing that you all have to take note. Please use ONLY ORGANIC FERTILIZER. Do avoid using chemical based fertilizer as it would cause us to be very sick when we hunt for our catnips in the garden. Well, Jimmy has his own way to fertilize the plants. I hope it will help the plants grow well. Gosh! What’s that smell?????


Sunday, September 14, 2008



After posting up the article on the begging kitty, some readers had asked me why there were so many strays around here. I must say, it’s due to the mentality of the people living in this country. It’s not that we do not have animal lovers over here but most of them would rather own a pedigree rather than to adopt a stray from the limited animal shelters around here. Thus, you would see strays in practically all the states in Malaysia.


In my neighborhood alone, other than the 8+1 lucky J Kitties living comfortably under my wings, there were more than 50 stray cats and 5 stray dogs roaming about my high trafficked neighborhood. Of these alarming numbers, 12 stray kitties (excluding Panther who is getting a steady supply monthly) and 2 stray puppies have been quite regular seeking food from me almost daily. It’s really tough for them to hunt for food except to dig into the rubbish bins and mess up the whole area. Some would even be abused for their actions when they did nothing wrong but to get some food for their ever hungry tummies. It’s really a pitiful sight here to see their skinny and bacteria infected bodies.


Sometimes, I felt hurt inside for not being able to help them out. It was indeed beyond my means as well as my time. All these while, it has been my sole effort to help these poor strays. It should have been the efforts of many to keep the population down. I even got to find out from the local SPCA that you can even count the number of people with one hand, who were willing to help spay or neuter a stray. The fees even though being sponsored 50% by the SPCA with their limited funding would cost around $50 or more each. Moreover, I hated the idea of them cutting a “V” off the ears as tagging that the strays had been spayed or neutered.


Well, Janice almost had that experience if not for the help of FOTCB. Thanks ladies for saving her! Mama Jessica would have to get hers before this month end... hopefully. I do not think I would want get a football team in here. LOL! Anyway, I was to stop at EIGHT but now I ended up with NINE. A cat might have NINE lives but I have only ONE and it’s getting tougher each day. If you can see any Nuffnang advertisements below this post or at the left side bar anytime you are in here, please help me click on the ads for two minutes. At least 5 cents each click would help lessen the burden. Thanks!


Anyway, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. I had a visit from two of my past strays. One of them was Mimi and Jolyn’s momma. Gosh! She’s definitely a kitty making machine. I wish I can get her to stop there but how could she when there will always be a tom cat tagging along wherever she goes. You can even see a grey tom cat beside her. He is one of the two cats with that color around here and possibly the father to my twins Jimmy and Joey. I should have asked Mama Jessica about that. LOL! Anyway, both received the same treatment as the rest of the strays… some ocean fish biscuits and a bowl of clean water.

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