Thursday, January 27, 2011


Would you believe that for the pass 18 hours I did not even let Mama Jessica out from my sight? We ate, we slept and we wandered within the house inseparable… sweat~ I had just spent the last 2 hours inspecting her actions out at my porch area, obstructing her from jumping over the fence not less than 3 times. No… no… She definitely not allowed outdoor unmonitored again for at least another few days prior to her check-up.


At least the blood trace in her urine is getting lesser and lesser by the hours. That’s a good sign indeed.


Getting her to eat and drink with either wet or dry food was a huge task. She would rather sleep or stare out of the windows (in search of an escape route I guessed which was quite impossible… LOL!). Anyway, I managed to coax her to sip in some water and munch a few cat biscuits this morning. Finally, she decided to eat more and drink more during lunch time. That was a relief for me.


But~ I’m still having problems getting her to take in all her medications. Don’t you think a 12mm diameter tablet could be a bit too big for her to consume? I even tried breaking it up to smaller pieces but that gave me more scratches on my wrists. It’s like meeting Freddy Krueger from Elm Street. What a nightmare for me! It’s time to get some cheese wrapped tablets for her. :P


I guessed I would keep this update short for the time being as I really need some rest now as one of my eyes is swollen now. Moreover, there are quite a few blood stained cushion covers and floor to sanitize before she wakes up from her dreamland. Anyway, thanks for all the supports and wishes you have given here. I appreciate it a lot. Errr… oh no… Mama Jessica woke up due to a commotion outside.


That must be JT (Jay Tux), my new daily stalker in the compound. Well, I would not turn down a cat in need, would you? :)


Wednesday, January 26, 2011



11.00pm - She's awake but refused to eat even with the best food given on her plate. Fortunately, she did sip in some warm water. She has not stop licking her "ahem" yet. I'm still following her around to clean your those "sliding" blood stains she made on my living room. Patient... patient... Daddy... This will pass soon. She has gone back sleeping in her bed... err... cage on her own. Smart girl~ :)

7.00pm - Extremely exhausted! Just back from the vet with a bunch of medications which I would even be too scared to swallow. The amount and size of those tablets would get me more scratches now. Mama Jess... please spare me... those medications would do you much good. Luckily I was swift enough to take action as it was an acute case. Another few hours of disappearing act would surely send her to heaven. Too bad, I'm forced to lock her up for now. From the many hours of observation, she was still bleeding but not as much as this morning. I hope those medications would get her all well again. I have to monitor her condition for a few days and send her back to the vet for a few more thorough check ups. Sweat~ Let's hope this would clear up too as next week would be a long week of festive holiday and the vet would be closed. :( She's now sleeping soundly in her cage now. Let's hope she would eat something when she wakes up.

While waiting for the vet to be available within the next one hour or so, I did a little research and I was in a state of shock to find out what made Mama Jessica having those weird behaviors for the past 2 days. The case of Jeremy’s death had made me quite a nervous wreck for quite some time and now this with Mama Jessica making occasional disappearing acts for as long as 36 hours. As for Jeremy’s case, it was suspected to be Acute Renal Failure (ARF) but I found out that those symptoms were more likely to be associated with Feline Lower Tract Urinary Disease (FLUTD), one of the causes of blood in a cat's urine medically known as hematuria. This is one scary disease that made me extremely cautious with the daily affairs of the J Family Kitties.

Now I suspect that Mama Jessica is suffering from Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which I pray would not be fatal as in Jeremy’s case. But the percentage of symptoms shown by Mama Jessica had made me panicky.


Key symptoms of FLUTD/UTI in cats:

(/) Painful urination
(x) Straining to urinate
(x) Urine limited to a few drops or worse, no urine output
(/) Bloody urine
(/) Cat Licking frequently on its genitals
(/) Urinating out of the litter box
(/) Vomiting
(/) Loss of Appetite
(/) Lethargy
(/) Shock
(/) Hiding or disappearing frequently
(x) Death if left untreated once the toxins overwhelmed the body, poisoning the cat to death (uremic poisoning)


It’s another 20 minutes before the vet would be open and Mama Jessica almost went MIA without me noticing. I’m sorry… I have to keep her locked up securely this time. I can’t afford to lose another member of my family again. I would truly need some support of any kind now. It has been a devastating few months for me here.


I’m rather surprised here too as a mother is always a mother. She’s not showing her pain and kept on taking care of Jimmy, who has been missing her since last night.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011



I could still remember how anxious I was around this time 3 years ago when Mama Jessica gave birth to these beautiful babies. The memories of helping her in labor was the most memorable experience for me. How I wished Justin could be found for this reunion and Jeremy could have been around still to make the celebration as grand as ever. Somehow, I'm still not in the greatest mood this year. I'll just get them something special later on to appreciate how much they have touched my life... Anyway, Happy Birthday Janice & Jayson~ Be in the greatest health and happiness always~ Love ya all always, Dad~

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