Monday, June 30, 2008



Janice is back!! She’s home resting now!! I’m sure this is what all of you might want to hear, right? Well, she might be fine now but things for did not worked out as I had planned earlier.



Janice did not even realize that she was going to the vet to be spayed. She was still enjoying the beach views on the way to the vet. At the vet’s place, she was in her usual energetic mood stalking for small birds in the garden. I guessed she was still too young to understand the meaning of “LadyGardenectomy”.


Everything went on smoothly when we checked in at quarter to 9am for the appointment. Within a few seconds after given the anesthetic jab, she was already knocked off. The operation took barely an hour and by 11.15am, she was ready to check out. She is sleeping tightly in her bed now.


When all the excitements were around, my digital camera decided to “die” with its lens stuck. No matter how many times I had removed and put back the fully charged rechargeable batteries, it refused to move. Minutes and hours had passed and I am missing out videoing the experiences I had with Janice at the vet. The one and only shot I had after the operation is this shot. It looked like a smile but in fact that’s the part the vet had taken out from Janice’s body. Maybe certain things God might have prohibited me to share around here. Instead, He gave me a blur photo of a “Smile”.


So, you might not get any photo updates for some times until I get the camera fixed if only I can get out of the house now. The boys had been going all over Janice’s sleeping body now and I’m afraid that they might hurt her. I have to be beside her all the time until she’s fully awake.

At 1.30pm, I got panicked as she vomited yellow fluid and stained my sofa. I immediately called the vet and was assured that it was normal to vomit as Janice may not be used to being on diet. She’s a heavy eater! At 2.15pm, she vomited again when I tried to give her some water and some chicken meat which I had prepared just for her. The boys were aiming at the food all the time, so did Papa Jon and Mama Jess. At 3.00pm, she could stand up and walk a bit but still stumble back onto the floor.

I have to keep guard on her moves every single minute. It’s tiring as she did not let me sleep the whole of last night with her howling and crying being encaged. I have no choice. That’s the pre-operation instruction that I will have to follow. No food after 6pm and no water after midnight.

Please excuse me. I’m very exhausted and almost dozed off right in front of my screen just now. I will put forward my CATSOPHERE reviews until next week. Let’s hope I can borrow a digital camera for some time until my camera is back. Have a great week ahead! :)

Sunday, June 29, 2008



Gosh! I never knew I had come out with such a tongue twisting title… Haha! Anyway, the D-Day is definitely here for Janice, which in at 9.00am tomorrow. She will be 6 months old next week and I had no choice but to get her “LadyGardenectomy” settled before I am forced to form a kitty football team at home. The boys here have been rather errr… how should I say “horny” as they get older and this would be the ideal choice as a precaution. Janice is still unaware of what is going on but I suspected that she did sense something suspicious going on in the house as she was busily “surveying” the basket I had prepared to bring her home after the operation.


Well, to be frank, I am quite worried. This is the first time I had to go through this experience as all my previous cats were either males or strays. I had never had any lady cat in my house before who will be going through with this type of operation. Just look at what happened to Mama Jessica after I had delayed her operation for other more important priority. She got pregnant again! Moreover, the vet I’m going to is a new vet in my area (not even listed in the local vet directory) but is reputed to be very gentle and loving towards all animals. He is supposedly to be a top veterinarian from Bombay, India. I will pray hard that Janice will go through a smooth operation tomorrow.




Saturday, June 28, 2008



This week’s theme is on BRIGHT.
BRIGHT could mean anything from shining, sparkling, glorious,
beautiful, lively, cheerful, intelligent and promising.
What do the J Kitties have in mind then?
Stay tune and see what the brats have to say about being BRIGHT!






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Friday, June 27, 2008


I have not been feeling well these few days and have been resting quite a lot. The first thing I opened my eyes today, I saw small tiny blue eyes staring at me in the box. Gosh! The babies had opened their eyes partially. They looked very cute indeed. As they say, pictures paint better than words, so let me share with you my joy of having the twins, Jimmy and Joey into the J Family.






Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I had received a few comments that I might have given my new twins the wrong names as they were supposedly born as calicos. It is believed that 99% of calicos are females. Well, there is still a 1% chance that Jimmy is actually a male which is very rare in the families of calicos and tortoiseshells. Even veterinarians and breeders who are the experts in determining the sex of a kitten had made errors before, what about me? I’m still an amateur in he cat’s field.

Now this is rather confusing as I had determined the sex of Janice, Jayson and Justin when they were just hours apart from their births and I did not get the facts wrong. Could it be that I had made an error this time? I can confirm safely that Joey is definitely a female as her “slit” is always wet when I tried to hold her up. The distance between the “slit” and anus is short, thus making no ways for “balls” to grow when she gets older.



As for Jimmy, I could find no “slit”. I could only find a “dot” hole which is far apart from the anus. There looked like two small “sacks” between the “dotted” hole and the anus, which according to researches that only after 4-6 weeks can we see obvious growth on that part.



I could be wrong as the kittens are still too young for me to name them. What more to identify their sex. If I were to have Jimmy as a male, then he would be the most precious thing in my life. If you are an expert in differentiating the sex of a kitten, you can perhaps check through the photos above to reconfirm my doubt. (You can click the thumbnails photos for bigger scales.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.

I’m kind of late in posting up this week as I had one too many so called “emergencies” in hand happening all at once within these few days. I’m truly exhausted from all the running around as I’m feeling a bit feverish with some body pain now.

Firstly, Mama Jess gave birth to two charming looking babies, Jimmy and Joey. Both are “growing up” too fast within 3 days. Just look at their sizes now. Amazing right? Well, it could be just an optical illusion due to seeing them being born wet and now so fluffily dry and cute.


The next morning, I woke up to find little white rice like tapeworms in the stool of some of the J kitties. Frankly speaking, I do not even know they belonged to which kitty. But once discovered, I have to deworm them immediately before one spread to the other. They just had their pills taken not long ago and I hope the problems would be solved by the end of the day.

The worst thing that ever happened to me was to take my blood test results from the lab. Some results improved compared to the last test I took but my cholesterol level went up 40%. I have to cook more healthy meals at home now instead of eating out all the time, which would be quite a difficult task for me with all the mischievous brats growing up so fast. I hope I would be able to achieve that to be healthier to provide them with the best attention they are entitled to.

Since Papa Jonathan prefer to stay out most of the time, I did not notice well enough that he had lost so much weight. He has gone from a bubbly man cat to a bamboo stick cat. He did eat a lot all the time but since I changed the brand of the cat food (the other was out of stock until now) he usually takes in, he barely touches his food. I got panicked and took him to the vet for checkups. Phew! He was declared healthy but the vet advised me to keep an eye and study closely what his diet was. I did some test this morning and found out that he will just take a bite or two on semi-wet cat food, half if it’s dry but a whole plate of freshly cooked chicken meat. The rest of the kitties had no problems with the food, except Papa Jonathan.


Subsequently, with the high price of chicken meat here now, I have decided to try him on other food. To my surprise, he gobbled up Bubble’s (my pet dog at my parent’s place) dry food. What? Am I having a dog or a cat at home now? Papa Jonathan is consuming dog food? Well, it’s better than him not eating at all. I have to find other solution fast but I guessed it won’t be harm at all for him to take Bubble’s dog food at the moment until I find other alternatives.


This morning, I had to take my parents to the eye specialist for their annual check up. Mum had a minor laser surgery to correct some faults the doctor did earlier. Everything was fine for her now but my Dad had been diagnosed with mild glaucoma on both eyes which will need surgery in a few months’ time. I guessed somehow when age catches up, one could not avoid this problem as it is quite common amongst elderly people.

When I came back to my place, I saw blood spots all over my living room. I suspected that one of the Js had caught another creature in the house but there were no signs of any battle and all the kitties looked innocent. I had a hard time cleaning up those blood stains. Just as I was about to sit down for a rest, I saw more blood stains on the floor. I quickly grabbed hold of all the kitties and check their bodies thoroughly. Gosh! Mama Jessica was bleeding from the post delivery. It had never happen before. I had to rush her to the vet. Luckily, the vet comforted me that it was normal for a mother to bleed after delivery but I have to keep an eye on her in case he bled continuously for days. I hope that this will not lead to excessive hemorrhaging which could be fatal. I will just pray for her speedy recovery.


Monday, June 23, 2008


IT’S TWINS!! The J Family eventually increased to EIGHT! EIGHT is enough as many advised and I’m agreeable to that. The females ought to get fixed real soon or my household members are going to be turned into a football team. Haha! Well, welcome to the world my beloved twins. Your life is surely going to be a prosperous one under my love and care. Let’s welcome Jimmy and Joey!


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Garlic had a hard time convincing her Mommy that the other “thing” in the house may look like him in many ways but that “thing” is not him at all. What is that mysterious “thing” in the house? Find out more at the spice cats’ place.

What would you do when you went for a long vacation and came back to find your maid missing? The cat blogosphere was alerted when Karl came back from his honeymoon with Ruis to find that Emil was missing. Where in the world would Emil go? Whoever has Emil’s where about, please let Karl know as he is rather worried.

Sunday, June 22, 2008





This is not a mathematics lesson but you read the answer right. EIGHT! The J Family has increased to EIGHT members today. This is something that I was trying to avoid by wanting to spay her earlier but somehow she got pregnant after missing for 4 days in April this year. Jimmy (1.37am) and Joey (2.08am) came into my life barely few hours ago. Both the twins and mother are in perfect health now. Maybe I should share with you on my experiences and relationship with Mama Jessica. I was the one who helped her to deliver the triplets and she was expecting me to do the same for the twins. Warning: Some photos may be too gross to see!


Mama Jess was feeling rather restless since Friday night but I was not in to help her out. She waited and waited and waited for me to be free. The whole of Saturday morning and evening, I was not free too. Again, she waited for me. When I came back from my dinner around midnight, there she was at the door waiting for me again. Before I could even sit down comfortably to check my mails, she was calling out loudly for me continuously. As I stood up and followed her, she led me to the delivery box which I had prepared for her since last week.


I got my surgical gloves on immediately and gave her some strokes on the tummy. She was purring and panting at the same time. Not long later, something pinkish peeped out. Surprisingly, her amniotic fluid (water bubble) should have been spurt out but I hardly see a lot. It could be due to her licking all the time.


Jimmy was the first one to be out at 1.37am. I got panicked when I saw a black tail coming out first and it was not moving. I kept on stroking Mama Jess’s tummy to ease her tension. With one loud cry, Jimmy was out and moving. I was relieved. Mama Jess cleaned up Jimmy and bit off his umbilical cord.


Joey was born minutes later at 2.08am. She came out real fast but she was an in active one compared to Jimmy. Mama Jess spent longer time cleaning her up as she was still panting away from the delivery.


I checked her tummy and found that there were no more kittens inside. I waited for awhile to double confirm before shifting them into a new and cleaner box. Here is a video clip of Mama Jess cleaning up Joey.

Special Bonus Photos of Mama Jess, Jimmy and Joey: Taken at 5.00am



Saturday, June 21, 2008



This week’s theme is on WATER.
Earth is made up of 71% WATER and 29% land.
Whenever the WATER vaporizes into the air,
it would be condensed and stay in the atmosphere
until it reaches precipitation and fall back to earth
either frozen or as rainfalls.
This is called the WATER Cycle.

Sometimes after a rainfall,
you can see WATER droplets everywhere.
Jayson found something interesting in the garden
after a heavy downpour this afternoon.


The rain has created a wonderful effect on the leaves of
a Kaffir Lime Tree with tiny WATER droplets.


Just look at how beautiful it is to have WATER droplets
accumulating at the tips of the thorns.


Even a caterpillar has to brave through the heavy downpour
with evidence of tiny WATER droplets on its body.




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Friday, June 20, 2008





Thursday, June 19, 2008


Do you know that Daddy is always very sneaky? He will always pretend to take me out for a stroll but most of the time I ended up at the vet for checkups. I hated that place a lot. There were so many foreign scents in there that made my legs shiver nonstop. “Jon! Where are you? We are going out for a short trip!” Oh no… I better hide myself before he sees me here. Argh! Too late! He had caught hold of me. Help! Somebody please save me!


**An hour later** Phew! I was lucky this time. He just took me to the pet shop to get more cat food. Yummy! He got me two packs of my favorite Tuna and Mackerel cat food and I chose them myself.


We did see some baby woofies in the pet shop. I don’t mind them being around but their barks are so irritating. They are so tiny and yet they can make so much noise. Daddy kept looking at the one with a tiny green ribbon. He almost brought him back home but I objected. I screamed and scratched until he brought me back into the car. Thank goodness! There are already six of us with two more on the way and he still want to get another pet? He must be crazy! Just look at those puppies. I think I can be anytime cuter and more handsome than they are. Hehe…






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