Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I thought I would give all the J Family members a little change in outlook but it ended up changing my outlook instead – heavy dark eye bags and blur state of mind due to not having enough of peaceful sleep at night. All of them are driving me crazy with the jingling and jangling of their little bells I got for them. I just wondered why they are so hyperactive during the wee hours of the morning. I do not think there are any more of those little creatures left in my home. Any of those which are brave enough to crept or fly in would be dead within minutes. If so, why are they running up and down the stairways nonstop nightly?

I tried peeping through the door in the dark once and seeing those creepy little green eyes staring at me. Sometimes, I even hear little scratching sound at my bedroom door. If any guests were to sleep in my house, they would have thought that the house is haunted. Fortunately, there are none. I do not think that even a ghost would have withstood the cheekiness and mischievousness of my kitties.

I thought of taking those bells off but then they looked so cute in them. I guessed I would have to wear ear muffs to sleep now. Don’t you think all of them are so cute with their necklaces on?








Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.


I thought I was the only one getting more white hair each day and dropping some occasionally but it looked like someone else is following my genes. Wait! That can’t be true right? I might be his Daddy but surely Jonathan did not inherit my genes… Haha! Well, I am getting worried too on signs of him losing hair all over his back. Moreover, I think the color of his hair is fading by the day. I see more and more of white hair on him than when he first came into the family. Sign of old age or sign of growing up with a new change of hair?


I have ruled out stress as all he ever did were to eat, sleep, window sighting and running out to play in the grass. Maybe it could be due to some territorial fight he had with the mafia but then he had been staying home for quite some time taking care of Jessica and the kids. I did apply some cream on those spots but still no sign of hair growth. Don’t tell me he is planning to be a bald headed monk for the rest of his life? Hmmm… I better think of something quick before it ever happen.



Anybody has any solution to this hair loss problem? The medication from the vet did not work out. Maybe you have some natural remedy to this?


Monday, April 28, 2008



There has not been much updates recently in the CATSOPHERE. Well, it could be due to me taking things slowly due to my frightful 10 days sickness. I would like to apologize if I did not visit your blog for some time but I will assure you that I will give my sincere comment when I am at your place. Secondly, I have a feeling that Blogger has not been in top performance for some time as I find that there are still problems uploading photos or to ensure that all photos are appearing in the blog. It is also weird that quite a few dot com or even Blogger users are not able to view the Blogger blogs. Let’s hope everything would be fine soon.

This week, the cover model is Lego, the sweet little addition to the family of Michico & Adan. Lego has been under quarantine for a few weeks. Before he could even come out to play with his new brother, Adan, he was hit by some fungal infections. There goes his freedom but he is doing real well now with the medication he has been taking. He would be free soon to join Adan in yet another new adventure. Wait! Now what? Otodectes cynotis? Gosh… what a fate for that poor baby. By the time he is certified healthy with no more problems, he would be half as big as Adan. Let’s pray that Lego will have a better fate soon.

It has been known that all beans will require a minimum of 10 hours sleep a day in order to stay beautiful, strong, healthy and alert at all times. Well, cats do need the same hours too. In fact, without the needed hours of rest, they would not be alert enough to hunt for crawlers, climbers and flyers that are planning to invade the house. Jake wanted to have his beautiful sleep but then he was disturbed frequently by the buzzing sound of house cleaning. I guessed he had not learned the skillful ways to defuse the plug of any electronic gadgets in the house without being detected yet. Try harder next time Jake :P

What is fluffy, furry and has a pair of pinkish ears and shining eyes? Gave up? It is a sign of health and it comes with the correct diet… take lots of vegetables, especially carrots! Diva Kitty’s Mum (DKM) has been healthy all these while because of her strict diet of a combination of greens. The same goes for Fiona the bun. I am wondering if Sophia ever finishes her share of greens as I can find quite a lot of green peas hidden under the carpet. Hmm… are those the bun’s spares or the kitty’s hiding spot? Haha.. :P Anyway, do check out DKM’s spring rolls. They do look very yummy.

Did you know that the CCSI Production (Cat/Canine Crime Scene Investigation) will be launching another wonderful production this coming May? It would be titled The Missing Mummy Caper written by yours truly :P It would be yet another great production with the amount of responses the production team had received for the audition. Let’s see what the production team of Karl, Ruis, Opus and Roscoe, Sassy, Momo and Asta, have up in store for us. Do not ever miss out this coming show.

It is healthy to go out for some fun and stay wild for a day or two but sometimes the after effect of the party will cause some hallucinations and wild dreams. This actually happened when a group of close friends gathered at Sassy’s place for her Slumber Party. I guessed too much snacks, soft drinks, and pizza made her dream of the unexpected. Luckily no one really ended up in jail with their photos taken. You have to drop in to read more on this hilarious dream.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I wanted to attend Sassy’s Slumber Party this weekend but in the end I gave up because I could not get that piece of sarong cloth to be tied properly. I’m afraid that it would drop off if not tied securely. I wondered if the crowd would scream in shock or drool in excitement if it ever came down unexpectedly? Haha :P

Anyway, I hope Momo got entertained well with the company of Sassy, Opus, Roscoe, Karl and Ruis this weekend while SS is busy with her thesis. Do enjoy your party guys and gals! :)


Saturday, April 26, 2008



Jamie is devastated as her 4 years old beagle, Zoey, had gone missing since 24 April 2008. Please display this badge in your blog and get your friends in Franklin, Kentucky, USA to help find Zoey.



This week’s theme is on UNIQUE / FUNNY SIGNS.
SIGNS are mean to direct or pass certain messages across to the people.
Sometimes, people might have different perception on the messages.
Although I’m from the advertising sector here in Malaysia,
I still think that the advertising agency which handled this
here ought to be shot for not doing proper researches and
test run before setting up such a huge BILLBOARD.
Two of the complaints that I had received are that the two figurine up there
looked eerie especially when you are traveling alone after midnight.
Moreover, they looked rather risky and insecure

for those people traveling below the BILLBOARD.


As for the second complaint, just read and understand
the message in the BILLBOARD.


Janice will tell you here about the combination of the two figurines and the message as in the BILLBOARD meant to most public.



For those members,
please click Mister Linky above and enter your information for easy tracking.
Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


When you were inactive, weak and lying in bed, you tend to see things in details that you would never had taken note when you were busy with your daily life. I was sick and getting up to move about was like trying to walk straight as a drunkard. The room seemed to be twirling and twisting nonstop. Most of the time, I would be in such a blur and confused state under heavy medication that I would rather stay in bed to avoid getting more headaches.

I would consider myself lucky, having every single member of the J Family accompanying me all the time, giving me the love and warmth to pull through this nasty mutated flu which I had for more than a week. This was the worst sickness I had in my whole life. Never had I encountered seven straight days of high fever although I was under the doctor’s tight supervision. I thought I was a goner at the rate the body heat and pain was causing to my body. But I have one thing to strive for to keep me going strong - my J Family members. They cannot live without my love and care.

Papa Jonathan was such a quiet and nice boy. It was extremely rare to see him being so homely but I guessed he sensed my request for him to stay home to head the family, especially to keep a watchful eye over Mama Jessica who was still feeling the lethargy from the days she went missing.


Mama Jessica herself was a charm. Not only did she jump onto my bed to sleep by my side. She was also very obedient to stay by her hubby’s side under the warm wrap of his arms.


Jayson loved to lick and tickle my ears and occasionally will give out some soft purrs to ensure that I am still alive. It was irritating at times but I loved his concern for my health condition.


Janice has always being my doll. She would pushed her small furry body onto my face and let me hug her to sleep. Surprisingly, she has never struggled before under my warm and tight cuddle.


Justin was my foot warmer all the time. He would rub and rub his forehead onto my foot all the time to keep my feet warm. What a darling!


Jeremy, my living devil, was also in his best self. He would force his body onto my tummy and chest to keep them warm. Occasionally I would cough out but he would just stay there all cuddled up without any hesitation.


Gosh! These J Family members of mine are so loving and supportive during my time of sickness. How am I going to stop loving anyone of them from now on? In my mind, getting closer to them was not enough. It had reached the stage that I would love them even more by being up close and personal with every single one of them. Don’t you think they deserved better as a family – my family!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Dear Friends of the Cat Blogosphere,

Thank you so much for your comfort and well wishes during the bad times when I was sick and when Mama Jessica was found missing. I'm still recuperating from the bad flu although my high fever has already been under control. The flu bug has drained up all my energy to think and write properly, so you might be getting lots of craps and nonsense postings within the next few days. LOL!! Just pray that I won't go psycho then as I have just got deworming pills for all the J Family members and you guessed what I have been seeing for the last one day...yucks~~ I do not intend to photograph and show in here too :P

Anyway, as a gesture of appreciation, I have created a cute recognition logo for you. You can put it up on your blog and also award it to those furry friends out there whom you think deserved to get one too. You did touch my heart and I would like to say "Thank you!"


I personally emailed quite a large number of people but since I cannot get hold of the emails of a few friends, can someone please forward this award to Grayson & Gandalf, Cheysuli & Gemini, JewelGirl, Alexi, Perfectly Parker, The St. Louis Meezers, Junior, PB & J, Samantha & Tigger, Sammawow, TT & Shadow & Molly, Karen Jo, Ruis, Debra of Manx Mnews, Mr Hendrix, Tiger Lily, Furry Paws and Opus & Roscoe.

Let's hope I did not miss out anybody important here. If I did, it could be the flu bug blocking my brains. LOL! Anyway, my sincere apologies and do pick up the award as you please. :P

Criz Lai

Monday, April 21, 2008








Saturday, April 19, 2008



This week’s theme is on THIRTEEN (13).
Many people would have considered THIRTEEN as an unlucky number.
Even I'm sick now, it is still my lucky number
as I had won many prizes with the number before.
Now here is my interpretation of the number THIRTEEN (13).
These are THIRTEEN photos of the J Family members,
which formed the number “13
taken within the past THIRTEEN weeks.



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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!

Friday, April 18, 2008


As I was lying on my bed coughing furiously, Papa Jonathan jumped onto my bed. I grabbed him and wrapped him around as if he was a bolster like the good old days. Sensing that I was not feeling great, he gave out a soft purr. I looked into his eyes and whispered softly, “Jon, Daddy worried sick that Jess has gone missing for days. Do you know where Jess is?” Again Jon gave out a purr as if he understood what I had just said. He jumped down the bed and ran out of the house. I was angry at him because he does not even want to spend a few more minutes with me. Well, I can’t blame him too as that’s what a Tom cat will do, eat, sleep, play and had wild expeditions for days.

I just continue to rest my weak lifeless body as this flu bug is beginning to turn me into a zombie. An hour later, I dozed off. In my dream, I kept on hearing Mama Jess calling out my name. I must be hallucinating with the amount of flu medication that I had put into my body. Suddenly, I heard Jon shouted, “Open up the door Daddy. I have brought Jess back!” I woke up from my sleep and was staring blankly onto the wall. Am I dreaming or did I really hear my cats calling me? Thinking that I was dreaming, I went back to sleep. The call was now becoming so intense that it almost erupt my sound sensitive brains. I quickly jumped down from the bed, dragged my tired body down the stairways and walked straight towards the door.


To my surprise Jon was really calling out for me and there he brought home my much missed Jess. It was a miracle! I was wondering how my friends have searched every inches of the neighborhood but could not find her for days and it took Jon a matter of hours to drag Jess back home. Where was she hiding all the time? Why did she refuse to let us find her? Is she really on heat or was just trying to have some time off for caring for the babies? Frankly speaking, I still do not have any idea now.


Coming back to Jess, she was all wet and exhausted looking. She even lost her beautiful red necklace which I first gave her when she came into the family. She was dehydrated and hungry. It looked as though she had hurt her left eye too. I wanted to scold her for ignoring her duties as a mother but then that pathetic eyes of hers cooled me off. I guessed now she will need all the tender loving care from the family.


To Sassy whom had sent for prayers through the cat blogosphere for Jessica’s safe return, I personally thank you for your warm heart and kind thoughts. I would also like to personally thank Momo, who has been monitoring the news closely and giving me countless of encouragements. I hope SS will get her thesis done in no time. Karl oh Karl! Sorry to stop you from recovering fully from your hangover after the Cat Realm’s first blogoversary to worry about Jess’ disappearance. I appreciate the support and comfort. To Jan and a few more new found cat friends, thank you very much. To the rest of my cat friends, especially Mickey, Moe & Mindy and Daisy, who had left words of hope, thank you. All your prayers worked well. At least I will have the stress free mind to recover fast from this energy draining virus now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008



The night was cold, wet and long,
With stuffy nose and hoarse throat.
Trying very hard to sleep but not for long,
As the mind was filled with many wildest thoughts.
Walking here and there wondering what I could do,
Ended up praying hard for a brighter tomorrow.

Hope is all I had in my mind now,
By lighting a candle on this windless night.
Hoping that this flame of brightness,
Would be your guiding light.
Hoping that it would give you some warmth,
To ensure that you will be alright.

Oh Mama my beloved Mama,
Please come home soon.
How could you leave your babies,
Without saying a word?
They are crying every night,
In hope of your Motherly Love.



Before anything, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers for Mama Jessica to come home. She has yet to come home for more than two days. I am real worried for her safety and health. She has not eaten at all and the weather had added to my stress. It had been raining continuously for the past 2 hours and I hope she can find a place to keep herself warm and dry. The babies are all so worried that they were totally inactive and extremely well behaved. Whatever toys that I gave them, they have no interest at all. The only thing they are interested in was to jump onto my bed and kept me warm.


Janice and Justin have been extremely close to me as they are the closest to their mummy. Without their mummy around, they seemed lost. All the babies have lost their appetite too, scattering over the house waiting for their mama to return home. I managed to get a few friends of mine this evening to search the roof top every alternate hour but Mama Jessica was yet to be found. This getting real scary every minute and I can’t do much too now. I have been on antibiotics and other medications that I am feeling even worst than normal. I felt as if I am in zero gravity. My fever subsided but the throat is getting tighter. How am I going to attend my Mum’s birthday BBQ dinner later in such a condition? What a bad timing for everything to happen! I do not think I have the mood to enjoy too as Mama Jessica is still somewhere lost out there.


I do not know whether I am dreaming but I kept hearing her calling out for help. Each time I quickly opened the door to welcome her back, each time I was in a greater disappointment as she was not there at all. I even kept my porch lights on nightly to guide her back to the house. Many of you have commented that she was on heat again. Even if she was, there was no sign of that in front of Papa Jonathan. Don’t tell me she got bored with Papa Jonathan’s wild expedition and decided to forgo him? The babies are barely 4 months old too. I am still in a daze. I am worried sick now. Let’s just pray that she comes home safe. I have heard of cats gone missing because they do not want to appear sickly in front of their beans. I just wished this will not be the scenario I have to face soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It has been more than 24 hours since Mama Jessica got lost. Even the search party of 4 did not find her anywhere within the neighborhood. They have asked all the neighbors and searched through any possible spots that she could have been hiding, but without any luck. Where could she be now? How I wished I am feeling better now to conduct another search party. My fever has gone down a bit (still 100 degrees) and the flu had made my brain so inactive. Each step I had taken made me feel like fainting. I guessed being on a liquid diet of cereal beverage does not help much in giving me the energy I required.


Let me try to recall the past few days before Mama Jessica went missing. She has been acting rather weird (I should have noticed that). Whenever she came back from lazing in the sun, she would call for her babies. But when the babies approached her, she would just paw them away from having more milk. Although she did that quite often, she still play hide and seek with them occasionally, running in and out of the house. Last 3 nights ago, she kept rubbing my legs asking me to let her out after midnight. I said no and she showed me those fangs of hers. It happened so many times that it looked as if both of us were quarrelling. I would let her out of the house but surely not after midnight where there could be some dangerous predators out there.


Even Papa Jonathan has been acting weird too. He has been staying at home all the time and occasionally called out for her. He looked rather sad too. I am still wondering where else she could have escaped to? OMG! Don’t tell me she’s up on the roof again? She did that once before she had the babies and she came back dehydrated and hungry. I will get someone to climb up the roof later as I do not think I am fit to go up there with the frequent dizziness. Let’s pray that she could be found soon as the babies are missing their mummy a lot now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.



Frankly speaking, I do not like what I see too. Jeremy again had some health issues after many trips to the vet. Now the aliens had evolved to something that I had never seen before and they can move all over the place if elimination is not done immediately. So far so good as I have not seen them attacking the rest of the bunch. Can you imagine that they can move whichever direction they like, even without eyes?



Can someone tell me what are they? They are making me panicky now as I am not in a good condition to go anywhere now with a bad flu and fever and I have a bad situation here as well. Here are where they came from. I tried not to make the photos too gross by cropping them straight to the objects.



I would appreciate it if someone will assist me in finding out what these aliens are as I do not think I have the energy to stare at the screen more now. I need to rest before I blacked out. I promise to visit you when I recover. But can I with another dilemma in my hands? Mama Jessica has gone missing from the house since this morning and I am still waiting for my friends to come over to conduct a search party in the neighborhood. Let’s hope she will not wander too far and get lost.


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