Monday, March 31, 2008



The cover model of this issue is Janice, the oldest of the triplets. You can see how healthy and energetic she is today after having fever during the last few days. She will be 3 months’ old in a few days’ time. She will tell you more on what happened during the last few days when she was sick. “Well, we have a few accidents and sickness here in the J Family. Who asked the boys to be so playful until they sprained their paws? Mama Jess on the other hand vomited but she’s fine now. Jeremy is a bad boy. He still doesn’t know how to pee and poo at the right place and he stinks!!” “Hey! Cut that out Janice! You are not supposed to tell others how bad your adopted brother is…hummph~~!!”

Okay, now back to this week’s review. If you would like to know more on other cats and kittens’ in the CATSOPHERE, do check out Karen Jo’s site. She will write a brief on those cats and kittens accompanied by a limerick. She sure knows how to rhyme her kitty limerick perfectly.

Spring is officially back and most of the beans will have spouts and buds, birds and fishes showing up gradually. Some are still experiencing some snow but it would not be long before the snow will melt and greeneries spawn all over the gardens. Happy rolling on the grass then! :)

Almost everyone in the CATSOPHERE was very concerned over the health of Miral who was down with some heart problems. Fortunately, she is a fighter. She battled the illness positively and is now taking in some food to maintain her strength. Although she is still weak, her spirit of staying strong has never stopped. Go send Miral some purrs and purrayers to show that you care for her to stay strong.

Are you into scrapbook? Check out Leslie’s site and see for yourself how well he did his cats’ collections in a beautifully scrapbook style. Who said top cats can’t rule in one of the beans’ hobbies? In fact, he did even better than most of the beans out there.

The featured photo this week is on our famous Egyptian duo, Dragonheart and Merlin. They will show you how warm and comfortable it is to be in their own sleeping bags. In fact, they prefer to share the warmth in one sleeping bag. They sure look cute, cuddling each other in the bag.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Note: Some serious solutions are needed urgently at the end of the post

Living in a house with 2 adults and 4 kittens could be as fun and happy but sometimes it may end up worst than hell. Many of you are aware that Janice was down with a high fever few days back. Well, she has recovered miraculously fast with my tender loving care. In fact, I am even closer to her now than her brothers. Maybe she knew that she deserved to be pampered more now than when she was sick. I thought the worst had gone away but I was wrong again.

It will take you an hour to watch Emergency Room (ER) on the tube but it took me 3 hours to handle emergencies within the J family. Do not worry, Janice is still fine. It was the rest that got me worried unnecessarily. Even though I am not a qualified doctor to nurse anybody, I still need to learn up some knowledge on handling emergencies just like during the birth of the triplets. Let me share with you what had happened during the 3 hours in the photos below.

I heard something fell down from the stairways and went to investigate. It was Justin lying on the floor looking blankly into my eyes. Up there was Jeremy peeping down at me. I caressed Justin and brought him into the sitting room. There was a soft moan. Immediately I knew something was not right. He was limping with a soft cry. I quickly checked on his right paws and found that it hurt him. I wrapped it up and let him lay by my side. In his eyes, I can see him blaming Jeremy for the accident.


As usual, Jeremy would always act innocently as if nothing had happened and continued with his ever hyperactive trend of disturbing everyone.


I kept my patience and left Justin by my side to recover while I continued with my work.

Bing Bang Boom… Thud! Again I heard something fell down from the stairs. I saw Justin stood up beside me wondering too what that might be. I went to investigate thinking that it might the strong wind that blew a box down. To my surprise, it was Jeremy lying there as if he was dead. I quickly carried him up and brought him to the sitting room. He opened his eyes and was panting heavily. I thought of calling the vet but he suddenly stood up and jumping on only three legs. Gosh! He hurt his left paw! I wrapped that up too and left him next to Justin. Immediately, both of them snuggled and fighting all over again, even both are handicapped.



I just could not concentrate on my work due to their noises and decided to interrogate what really happened. I checked with Janice but there was no response. I heard her snore too… haha. I guessed she was still recuperating from her fever. I checked with Jayson and found him on the headrest watching TV. Surprisingly, he just would stop at anything when the TV was on. What a TV addict he would be… LOL! Maybe he was attracted to the movements on the screen.



There was no point in checking with Jonathan as he will always be outdoor sunning himself away. So I checked with Jessica. She looked rather tired due to feeding the ever hungry babies continuously. She looked at me and gave me a soft purr as if she was telling me that she did not see what happened. She suddenly turned and vomited some reddish and slimy substance onto the chair. I quickly carried her to the sink to wash her up and gave her some warm water. I then laid her on her bed away from the disturbance of the brats. She is still sleeping now. I have just checked on her and she seemed tired. Let’s hope she will be fine later as the vet will only be open on Monday.



Some of my friends were asking me on why my hair had gone so whitish in a short period of time. Here is my answer… Haha!


Jeremy! Gosh! Not again! Can someone please advice me what else I can do to stop this indiscipline kitty of mine not to pee and poo on my floor? It has always been at the same place, no matter how well I got rid of the leftover scent with anti bacteria floor solution and some anti pee-poo spray. Spanking would not help at all. Neither will scolding and directing him to the specific place to do his business too. I am totally lost!

He has just peed and it would not be long before he messed up the place with his paw prints after he had pooed. I can’t even type in peace. Grrrr… He just did that! It may sound gross but I have another problem now. The stool is all watery, slimy and reddish in color! Don’t tell me that is blood! Help! Where is my vet when I needed him most!

I better check on the rest too now. Janice - still sleeping. Jayson - fine. Justin - no way to check (I’ll tell you why next time). Jeremy - as above. Jessica - as above. Jonathan - fine. Hmmm… Their water is from a boiled source. Their food has always been dried food except I tried out the wet version for the first time just last afternoon. Could it be due to this? I have no idea and if anyone had this problem before please help me out before I take all of them to the vet for a thorough checkup first thing tomorrow morning.


Saturday, March 29, 2008



This week’s theme is on HIGH.
Just look at how HIGH Papa Jonathan was
when he smelled that alcohol contained beverage bottle.


I was sick the last few days with HIGH fever.
Even the thermometer showed HIGH temperature.


I would want to thank everyone here for your kind wishes
when I was having HIGH fever.



For those members,
please click Mister Linky above and enter your information for easy tracking.
Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2008



I do not like it when I am sick. I feel so terrible! I can’t play at all. The only thing I can do now is sleeping and it’s real boring. Mummy told me that I can play but cannot eat any little creatures that run about very fast. I did not eat but bite a funny looking roach and now I end up with a fever. Gosh! Those roaches are really dirty.




Well, at least there are still some friends out there who still care even they are of different breeds, stripes and colors…



Not forgetting my ever loving younger brothers who will always accompany me in whatever ups and downs that I may have. After all, my family will never stop supporting me. That’s what a family is for.


I better stop ranting here or Daddy will scold me for not having enough of rest to rebuild my immune system. Hehehe… ZzzzzZZzzzzZZZ…

Thursday, March 27, 2008



After seeing that weird looking spider in the garden, the babies pestered me to show them more on this unique creature. Well, I do not have any National Geographic DVDs around the house. In the end, I showed them Marvel’s Spiderman the Movie. Every single of my brats were so engrossed in the movie that no matter what I did to get their eyes off the TV, they would just ignore me. There was so much violence in the movie. You will see Spiderman battling against the many villains all the time, sometimes you even get blood scenes.

At least I was happy to see the brats out of their usual mischievous activities for once. But there was a saying that not all happiness will last for a long time if a person do not know how to discipline himself well. How true it is after the movie. Somehow, Justin started the whole crazy affair by impersonating Spiderman. He looked just like the photo below. Haiz~~


As you know, once a kitten started a play, the rest will follow suit. I was surprised to see Janice becoming a “crawler” in a matter of seconds. Gosh! Why can’t she behave like a lady? What now? Spiderwoman? She’s barely 3 months old. How could she be a woman? :P


Hmmm… I was just sitting there studying their every move. Wow! It was a really violence show with Jayson crying out foul play all the time. It is really unfair too for two to attack one, unarmed some more!




Haha… This is what I was waiting for after all their impersonations. If not, I would have gone crazy seeing them scrambling in and out, up and down the whole house recklessly, knocking down all my furniture without realizing it. Kids… errr… Kits should never watch violence movies! It is dangerous if not under proper supervisions. :P


Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I thought of letting the kittens go out of the house earlier but the unpredicted weather has stopped me from doing so. After a few days of bad weather, the sun was finally out shining brightly and happily yesterday. I then decided to let the kitties out for the first time to explore the world out there… surely under mine as well as Mama Jess’s inspections.


Well, kids would be kids. They are always curious over what is over the other side of the door. Justin was the first one to shoot out of the door, shouting “I’m free… I’m free!” Jayson followed suit. Janice was sitting by the door watching the whole scenario before deciding to step out for the first time. Jeremy on the other hand was peeping over Janice’s shoulder. I guessed he still has the phobia of stepping out of the door since he was abandoned in my little garden a month’s ago. Wow… time really flies. Before I realized it, the kittens have already grown up so fast… so are their consumptions of cat food… **sweating nonstop**

Jayson who has been the most obedient one in the J Family finally showed his true color outdoor by being the most adventurous kitten in the family. Not only did he explore within the boundaries that I have set, he went all out to inspect the territories of other cats. I was all too careful with his curiousness; one quick blow from an adult cat will be fatal to him. Of all the habits, he has to follow his father Jonathan’s curiousness. Haiz… By the time I tried to shoo him back to where he should be, I almost blackout under the torment of the hot and blazing sun. That shows how humid the weather was! Maybe a pictorial trail will show you what they did outdoor yesterday.










Tuesday, March 25, 2008



The link above is where cat lovers all over the world gathered and share their updates on their pets on every Tuesday. Feel free to drop in if you are a cat lover.


When I got the birthday presents (Mickey and Minnie Mouse) for Jonathan and Jessica, I also pampered myself with a present. I got myself a Sleeping Kitty as my new pillow… haha :P


Unfortunately, Jonathan and Jessica did not get to put their paws onto the mice. The 4 brats snatched the mice before they could. Not only did they snatch the mice, they also snatched my Sleeping Kitty and my bed…sob~ sob~




Well, Jessica did not allow them to battle over the Sleeping Kitty. She claimed the pillow for herself… ~sweat~


Daddy: Since you guys are so smart in claiming and taking over everything that I ever owned, when are you all taking over the house chores?????

Monday, March 24, 2008



The cover model of this issue is Jessica, the mother of the triplets, Janice, Jayson and Justin. She has the experiences of raising 4 kittens including one adopted one, Jeremy. She said, “It’s not easy to raise these kits which have never stopped showing their mischievousness throughout the day.” Teaching kittens to be obedient is as easy as ABC if you know how. Firstly, you will need to be firm in your rules. Secondly, you will need to have a loud and stern voice. Thirdly, smack them, hiss at them if they still do not listen to you. Fourthly, if all fail, get your human slave to throw them out of the house… hehe :P

If your have yet to subscribe to your daily mewspaper, drop in www.felinedirect.com to sign up now. They have just launched their mewspaper on Good Friday. You can read about why Lilies are Pretty but Not Good to Eat!

One of our good boy buddy Smudge has gone over the rainbow bridge on Good Friday after fighting for his life for some time. He was having quite a few complications, unstable body temperature and blood count and was not able to eat well for that few weeks. Hop in to give his Mummy and Daddy a warm hug of comfort.

Have you met Siegfried and Roy? They can celebrate many festive seasons. They can dress up beautifully. They are forever bold and strong. Who are they? Are they cute and huggable? Check them out at Parker’s new home.

What have your cats and kittens been doing? Are they good or bad kitties? If they are bad, send them to www.whatagoodcat.com/blog and learn from the experienced Kelly, Lizzie, Caitie and Nicky on how to be a good cat to please your human.

What happened during Easter Day when you have a surprise visitor in your home? Are you going to invite her in? Check out Gandalf & Grayson’s home to see how beautiful the visitor is and how they spent their Easter Day.Publish Post

Sunday, March 23, 2008


If you had remembered earlier, I have mentioned that Jonathan received lots of presents before he came back for his One Year Old Birthday Party. Well, I did get for him and Jessica a present each but I did not expect him to get more from outsiders. What do you think of the presents I got for them? Cute? Those were made out from our local batik designed cloths. They are small and bitable. Let me introduce them to you.


Now come to the interesting presents Jonathan got from the neighborhood, especially from that fat ugly ginger king with a long scar on his face. I better warn you kitties first that the following photos are rated PG (Parental Guidance needed) as they might not be too pleasant for the eyes of babies. Here are his presents:

It does take out some hair and skins on the nose and toes.


This is a painful experience. It will leave some scars around. Mostly for life!


Mud and dirt could be good for foot relaxation treatment. Sometimes it will have some side effects if cheap or maybe free treatments were taken. Worst come to worst, you might just need to amputate a leg off!


I was wondering if there is a need for the reconstruction process. I still prefer the ones I was born with and there is no point in enlarging further. God created us to be contented with what we have - being natural.


Don’t you just love the presents he had received? Now that he has received such “NICE” presents from his so called “FRIENDS”, he decided to stay put in the house for some time. Unfortunately, Jessica does not want welcome him back yet. He has not been loyal to her and he is not worth her time anymore. Even his kits are taking him as a recluse. So, what has happened to the Casanova of the J Family? Well, he is back to his old habit of begging for some love and affection from me, following me and rubbing himself against my feet whenever he sees me, pleading me to accept him all over again.


Looking at his pretentious ways, I have only one thing in my mind now and wanting to shout out. “Cut that out Jonathan! I am not falling for your false act ever again! Just look at the medical bill you have accumulated and how are you going to account for that? Go sleep at one corner until you have gained back my trust!”

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