Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Have I been destined to be the sole caretaker of the J Family Kitties? There seemed to be a consistent trend that each time I'm down with some sort of illness, one or many of the kitties would follow suit. This time, it's Jiro's turn. Just slightly right into my third day of high fever (prior to being diagnose with dengue fever and admitted into the hospital), Jiro has been real noisy and jumped onto my bed. His first reaction was to stood up with his two front paws on my tummy, gave out a scary loud meow and peed right onto me. This little act of disobedience has never happened before. The stench was unbearable. It was exactly that unforgettable smell that made me recall the day I lost my golden boy, Jeremy. Could it be FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)? I could not be ascertained but I suspected it is... Even if I could just find the extra energy to send him to the vet, he has gone into hiding again. The monsoon season has started with endless downpour every night. Where's he now? I'm super worried especially with his weird calls each time I was near him. HE HAS TO GO TO THE VET VERY SOON!

I may be home now but I'm not fully recovered from the bone breaking Dengue Fever (or breakbone fever as it's also known for). This is not just a common fever you would encounter. It's a LIFE THREATENING one! You can't recover within days. It would sometimes take weeks to months for a clean record of health. You can check more on the fever in Wikipedia. My platelet count dived from 210 to an all time low of 61 before picking up to 114 yesterday. No doubt the fever has stopped but the after effect of being hit by the fever remained. My whole body is still aching like hell and I'm sweating furiously even though it's raining heavily out there right now. Other than the disorientation in balancing well, you can try to imagine having a long icy spike poking right into every part of your bones. The chill and pain are just impossible for a sane person to bear. What made matter worst is that there's no proper medication available to treat the fever except with two tablets of Paracetamol 500mg every 8 hours. Anything stronger such as Ponstan would cause internal bleeding. With all the side effects popping up now and then, I'm also down with male PMS - Dysthymia. I just hope I can cope with all the mood swings now.

I have to be strong now, no matter what it takes to find the extra boost of energy to stand up properly now. Jiro might just be another member of my newly adopted cat family but I can't bear the sight of him gone just like his brother, Jerry, in May 2011 this year. It may sound like a great move to help another soul to adopt them but more and more complications are beginning to appear. It's all linked on their long usage of wrong feed by their previous owner. I'm all out against cheaper cat food produced by Tesco. The brand guaranteed great nutrition and anti FLUTD but I can confirm that it killed Jeremy with only one month of consumption during my relocation late last year. It almost killed Mama Jessica. Luckily she has a bigger hole to discharge all the toxic blood. It definitely killed Jerry, who had been fed the same brand for more than a year by his previous owner... and now... Jiro is at his worst stage. I'm keeping my finger crossed that Jose's new found love for a mixture of wet and dry food would stop him from being slapped with the same fate as his other siblings. All I can do now is to pray... pray that with my every effort to keep the J Kitties healthy, they would enjoy their lives to the fullest...

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