Saturday, May 31, 2008



This week’s theme is on SELF.
I will show you what will happen if you have too many kitties in
the house fighting to gain your attention and affection.
There would be never ending of scratches and scars on mySELF.


Look at the guilt on Jeremy’s face…


Look at how Jeremy shared his responsibility with Janice…


Now you know why it never gets bored in the J Family… Haha!!


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Friday, May 30, 2008



This is one of the great news that many cats, kittens and beans are eagerly waiting for. Panther is back! I knew he would be fine but I was too exhausted from my recent trip to have the energy to check on him yesterday. After struggling to dig out the last penny from my ever tight pants to pay for his RMx,xxx.xx vet bills (please fill in the blanks and the winner shall get a kiss from Panther), I finally got him away from his “hell” where he was encaged for two weeks. He was glad to see me there and was busy rubbing himself against my legs.

Now this is the hardest decision that I have to make regarding Panther. He has to be returned to the mechanic as I do not think my J kitties would want to have him back at my home. His smell from my pants alone is making them berserk and they kept hissing at me. Moreover, I do not have the time to give him my fullest attention. I wanted to put Panther up for adoption but the mechanic pleaded to me that he will give Panther the best alternative area that will keep him safe from any more harm. I hope he will come up with the best solution soon. Since it was already quite late at 6.30pm, Panther has to be kept indoor for the time being. I will be discussing with him later tomorrow on what he will be planning to do.

Here are some photos and a video of Panther enjoying his freedom and of course some afternoon tea.






Back home with something nice and soft to munch. Afternoon tea anyone?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Gosh… I just came back barely a few hours and here I am busy with dozens of backlogs. Haha… that’s life and I was wondering what will happen if I ever go for a long vacation. Well, it was the most tiring seminar that I had ever attended with hardly 5 hours of sleep for 4 straight days. Traveling to the seminar venue itself took me more than 2 hours. I did not expect the life in Kuala Lumpur to be so hectic and with so many traffic jams. I could not complain too as it was an intensive seminar for self development. It was so intensive that I did not even have much time for proper meals. Chocolate bars worked well. They were a booster for making me sleepier. :P Luckily I did bring a few toothpicks to keep my eyelids open. LOL!


Moreover, the seminar was on a weekend and over 350 miles away when I should be spending more time with my J Family. I missed them so much that whenever I see a cat walk by me, I will call out their names. Could you imagine that I saw not less than 30 cats and my friends thought that I had gone insane? Anyway, I hope my lovable kitties managed to keep you all entertained during my week long absence. Just let me have a few days of good rest and I will be popping over to your blogs.

Here is just a short post to share with you how much I love them. What would you expect the J Family to get? It surely must be something starts with a “J” too. Haha! They were having J.Co Donuts “Cheese Me Up” with melted New Zealand cheese on top for breakfast.


Haha! What a bunch of pampered kitties. If only they knew I had to queue up an hour just to buy back a few for them. Phew… luckily all of them were enjoying those donuts.


As for Panther, I managed to call the vet almost everyday. Unfortunately, I could not get the opportunity to pop in a cyber cafĂ© to even check my mails. He missed me very much and was not eating well. Other than that he was recuperating rather well. I hope I have some energy left to visit him later this evening as I prefer to have first hand report rather than through a phone call. So, catch up with you all later. ZZzzzzZZzz…

Anyway, I would also like to congratulate Karl & Ruis a happy wedding on 30 May 2008.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We have to knock on Papa’s head sometimes to bring him back to reality. He could be such a blur case that he only cares about his look, his tummy, his sleep and where he would be going out later. Nothing else matters to him. We could anytime recognize Daddy’s footsteps, body scent and when he would wake up from his sleep but not Papa. **Knock Knock… anybody home inside that head?** We hope Daddy comes back soon. We miss him a lot!






Monday, May 26, 2008


Someone has been spreading rumours that there is a kitty even more handsome and man than me. What? This orange kitty with black stripes? How could he be? He is so inactive and sat there all day long doing nothing but staring at the walls. What a SOFT kitty he is! I do not even need much energy to PRESS him down. See! I am doing it right now. The most handsome man cat in this neighborhood is still me… hahahaha!




Jeremy: Psss… Jayson. There goes Papa having that superiority complex again!

Jayson: Normal. What else is new in him?

Janice: Shhh… Guys! Tone down your voices. He might hear you.

Justin: Man Cat? Haha… my foot. I see him running away and hide under the car whenever the neighborhood Orange Mafia came for a visit.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


You may want to know about the two strays that have been coming to the house for meals everyday. These two are from a mother stray cat that had moved to another area. Initially, there were three kittens but one disappeared mysteriously. The mother cat had abandoned these two stray kittens, leaving them to fend for their own food which is quite hard in this neighborhood.


Daddy wanted to name them Jxxxx and Jxxxx but we objected. He has no choice but to call them She-Stray and He-Stray. Do you think we should let Daddy give them names? Anyway, Mama Jess disliked us mixing with those two. Each time she sees them, she will chase them out far far away. It sounded like revenge as it was their mother that bullied Papa Jon and herself when they were young.

Here is the She-Stray that came to visit Daddy on Friday but Daddy was still out of town for his seminar. She loved to laze outside the porch area to sun bathe each morning.


This is her brother, He-Stray. He used to come very near to Daddy. But after Daddy caught him and sent him to the vet to stitch up his badly wounded mouth, he seemed to have a phobia of coming nearer to Daddy now. Even when Daddy fed him each day, he would move further away until Daddy had gone into the house. Maybe he is a stray, brought up to be very defensive of any attacks. We do not see Uncle Panther having that fear. So far, there have been no news on Uncle Panther. The last time we heard from Daddy, he was improving speedily. We hope he is doing fine. Daddy better come back faster to check on him.

Here is how bad He-Stray was in until Daddy got him all mended up. Gosh! He is so handsome now!



Saturday, May 24, 2008



This week’s theme is on SHOES.
Since Daddy has gone for a seminar today,
I shall be your host. I’m Justin.
I’m going to share with you the life of Mr. Mousey,
who lived in a pair of old SHOES.


Unfortunately, this old pair of SHOES belonged
to the GIANT KITTY… and she doesn’t like it!
Mr. Mousey was forced to move out…



Fortunately, Mr. Mousey found another better place.
It’s a pair of new SHOES and it’s golden!



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Friday, May 23, 2008


Justin discovered that there is an alien out there. It is going to kitnap us and sell us to the flea market. What? Flea market? We had enough of flea problems here before and I do not want it happen again. Hey Justin! Cut that part! Nobody is going to believe us that an alien is going to capture us. What actually is that thing running pass that door just now? Errrr… How am I to know? Let us all check it out together. At least four against one would be better.






Thursday, May 22, 2008


Daddy has gone outstation to attend a seminar this afternoon. He would not be around for a few days. What should we do? Haha… We would take over the house… take over the computer and…


Janice: How are we to have a party when the babysitter is around? We are not babies anymore you know? Guys…you better think of something fast!


Justin: Should we create havocs in the house until he runs away?

Jayson: We could but what should we do?

Jeremy: I can always poo and pee there until he couldn’t stand it. Hehehe…

Janice: Oh no Jeremy… you want your butts get sore?

Jeremy: Errrrr… better not. Let’s think something else.


Justin: We could jump here and there, run up and down the stairways and make lots of noises.

Jayson: Aren’t you two afraid of getting your paws wrapped again just like the last time? You forgot that you two played so roughly until both fell down the stairways?

Janice: Haha… I remembered that time. You two looked so funny.

Jeremy: Yea funny and I can still feel my butts hurting now.


Janice: Hmmm… We could play with this toilet roll. It was fun the last time when Daddy went out for a short while.

Jayson: Hey! That’s a great idea! Kick that toilet roll down Janice!

Justin: Eeeee Hawww… Here comes the Lion King, preying on a helpless toilet roll.

Jayson: Don’t tear all Justin. Please leave some excitement for me too.


Babysitter: Arrrgh… What do you think you kitties are trying to do? I’m going to tell your Daddy about this!

Janice: **giggling** See! I told you he still thinks we are babies. As if we do not know Daddy won’t be in for a few days?

Jayson: Just ignore him. He is our slave these few days anyway.

Jeremy: Let’s continue with our play. Justin… take this!

Justin: **tearing the toilet roll into more pieces** Growl~~


Babysitter: Now I had it!! Who volunteer to get whack on the butt first?

Justin: Aikss… This babysitter is fierce!

Jayson: I think we should scam!

Jeremy: Oh oh… I think he meant it! Just look at those fangs of his! Arrrgh… run!!!

Janice: Gosh… where did Daddy get such a Godzilla. He’s tough! The last one was easier to chase off.



To know more on what had happened to Panther and how he is progressing, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”, “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”, “PURRS FROM PANTHER”, “SCARS OF A LIFETIME” and “INPUT BUT NO OUTPUT?

LATEST UPDATE: 22/5/08 9.30AM

Ok… Here is a quick one before I go off in a few hours’ time and I have yet to pack all my things. Hehe… I had made an appointment with the vet at 8.00am to check on Panther. The vet greeted me with a mask on. “Congratulation! Panther made “it” but I have to wear this. Here’s yours.” I was confused as I had never worn a mask into his clinic before. OMG! Even with the mask on, I almost fainted when he opened the door. The whole room smelled like… errrr… Shit!

Panther did make “it” last night but it was all soft, sticky, mucus-like and of course super duper smelly. The vet told me that it was due to the liquid diet he was still taking in. He will be running further test on that and if something is not right, he will do a full scan again. I just nodded and told him to do whatever is necessary. After giving Panther a few strokes, I left. As usual, he would grab my hand, refusing to let me go.

Anyway, I’m running out of time here. I hope I won’t be caught stealing some catnaps in the 3-days 9am-11pm seminar. So, see you all early next week.

Psss… Please keep an eye on those brats for me. Make sure they behave well. I do not know what crazy things they will be doing inside here for the next few days. Thanks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


To know more on what had happened to Panther and how he is progressing, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”, “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”, “PURRS FROM PANTHER” and “SCARS OF A LIFETIME

LATEST UPDATE: 21/5/08 10.40PM

Today was another busy day for me. I managed only to catch up with Panther at 4.30pm. He ate a lot today compared to yesterday but we have a problem here. So much food has gone into his tummy but nothing has come out yet. In fact, his tummy has bloated up a lot. The vet has tried many ways to make him poo but all we ever get was Panther polluting the room with his poisonous gas… Haha! The vet did check through his **ahem**. There was no injury at all. We were scratching our heads what else could be wrong with him. Haiz... it looked like he needed another X-ray tomorrow if things do not go as expected. Let’s hope he will do his “big” business tonight.


Well, I might not be able to give updates on Panther tomorrow as I would be on my way down to Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I have giving the vet the authority to do whatever is necessary for Panther if anything else goes wrong. **touch wood**. Every time when I want to bid farewell to Panther, I will see the scars on his body. Gosh… so many all over his body! But this time, I saw a pattern. It could be some words or some numbers. Maybe you all could identify what it is.


In case I could not make it to provide updates, I have the J Family members to entertain you until I am back next week. Please give them some supports. If I have the spare time and internet access in KL, I will surely keep you all posted.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


To know more on what had happened to Panther and his previous progresses, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”, “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT” and “PURRS FROM PANTHER”.

LATEST UPDATE: 20/5/08 7.00PM

Today has been a hectic day for me as I had many chores to do before my trip down to Kuala Lumpur for a seminar end of this week. Nevertheless, I still managed to squeeze out some time to be with Panther at 4.30pm. When I reached the clinic, the vet was all smiles with good news. Panther can now twist his body by his own. His body temperature has become stable and he was all back to his cheeky moods.


As for food and water, he has been taking them right out from the saucer now and he ate a lot since this morning. The vet told me that he had urinated quite a few times but he is still waiting for him to do his “bigger” ones. Today, I sensed that Panther is feeling more energetic and happy. But deep inside, I still felt sadness seeing all his wounds and scars on his face. They are signs of a bitter life and suffering of a cat that did nothing wrong when he was first born into the world. I do not know how to describe my feelings but it surely hurts inside.


If you can look closer, you will also noticed that Panther’s right lower back tooth has to be taken away. It was chipped so badly that it showed the nerves inside and was causing him more pain. After all, based on the vet’s experience, it no longer has its uses. He can still use the other side to munch. The problem is that we do not have pet dental facilities over here. I am not complaining and as long as he can pull through this second life threatening trauma, I am happy. I purposely put my finger forward to let him give me his regular soft love bite to show you that he can still manage without the tooth.


I will check back with the vet tomorrow to leave you all more updates. Have a nice week ahead and thanks for everything! :)

Monday, May 19, 2008


Gosh… I could not imagine that I dozed off so easily today. Luckily, it is a public holiday over here. After coming back from the vet at 5.30pm, I refreshed myself and wanted to write about Panther’s progress. Then, I thought 15 minutes of shut eyes would not be much of a problem but I overslept until now. Argghh! It’s almost midnight here. I guessed days of running around trying to check on Panther to ensure that he is fine might have tired me off.

For more on what had happened to Panther and his previous progresses, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER” and “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”.

LATEST UPDATE: 19/5/08 11.45PM

By the time I reached the clinic, it was around noon. This time I made sure that I wish the vet before moving in to check on Panther. It was so embarrassing that I forgot about that yesterday. :P

Panther is feeling better now and his temperature showed that it is just a bit higher than normal. Other than that, everything seemed fine. His surgery on the lips has dried up, proving that the medication he has taken in sure worked well. He was quite energetic today by the look of his eyes rolling and his tail swaying from left and right wherever I went. His tongue looked better. The swell on his face has gone down well too. In a day or two, his face would be alright.

Except for his fractured paw and wounded spine from his earlier accident, he looked quite healthy to me. I gave him the physiotherapy as I did yesterday and it almost got me another scratch. He bit me! It was just a soft bite pulling my hand closer to him. He even purred and rubbed his head against my hand. See! That’s what I call love… love bite... haha :P

He performed well today, eating more and gaining more energy as he should. He took in 15cc of liquid diet and 10cc of water. That was a jump compared to yesterday. Unfortunately, he was still “cage-ridden”. Boy… I hate that word “cage”! I hope he gets better soon as I might not be around to check on him few days from now as I would be attending a seminar outstation. Anyway, I have arranged with my friend, the mechanic, to check on him during my absence. He should do that too since Panther is also his cat. Well, Panther sounded and looked “safe” to me now and by a few days, he should be gaining back his weight. I hope. No matter what, I am not taking the risk of bringing him back yet. I will still leave him with the vet until I am back from my seminar. Anyhow, he is still immobile and the clinic would still be a safer place for him still. I just hope the vet would not charge so highly for solely his accommodation as he is now having less jabs. Let’s pray it’s free. :P

I am now contemplating whether to ask him to give up Panther for adoption. (If there is someone out there who will shower Panther with more love, attention and has a safer environment for him.) Some people had asked me to adopt him since I had put in so much effort in getting his life back... again. I have to apologize. I can’t. Panther needs undivided attention and I have 6 kitties at home which have taken up most of my time. The best I could do is to post up his information on the internet to see if anyone is interested to adopt him.

Sunday, May 18, 2008



For more on what had happened to Panther and his previous progresses, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”. I would also like to thank all of you who had given me as well as Panther some comfort, prayers, donations and great advices. You all have great hearts!

LATEST UPDATE: 18/5/08 6.50PM

I was supposed to visit Panther this morning but the vet was out for an appointment. Moreover, today is a Sunday over here and the clinic was closed. I waited and waited until 1.00pm but yet I did not receive his call. I almost blew my top as I had promise Panther that I would see him in the morning and I hate to break my promise. Finally, the vet called up at 2.00pm and apologized for his lateness. He had two more emergencies after his morning appointment. I forgave him. You do not usually see many people who are that committed and responsible as he is nowadays, especially on a Sunday.

I rushed over to the clinic immediately after the call and without even saying hi to the vet, I was already in Panther’s recuperating room. The vet laughed at me and told me that I must have loved Panther a lot to just ignore him that way. Then only did I realize that I did not even wish him. LOL!

Anyway, Panther was still in a groggy state. His face was still swollen but not as bad as yesterday. As I was asking the vet about his progress while stroking him, I felt a soft tap on my hand. It was Panther giving me a hand shake and his tail was curling up a bit and swaying but with not much of energy. I almost burst in tears. He was conscious of my presence but without the ability to move his body any further. According to the vet, he tried to stand up this morning but fell down again after a few attempts. That’s the fighting spirit I’m looking for in Panther and he sure has it still. But, I would still prefer him to lie down for the time being to get that fractured paw healed. Maybe, he was trying to hunt for me since I was not there in the morning as I had promised yesterday. I won’t know for sure.

Based on the progress report from the morning, the swell on his face has reduced quite significantly. Thanks to help of the modern medication that was able to ease his agony. The sewn stitches looked fine as the wound had joined up quite well. His tongue was still a bit swollen but what made me happy was that he was able to consume more than what he did yesterday. 3cc of liquid food and 4cc of water were all he took in this morning. That was a good record so far considering that he was still having pain in taking in more food. Unfortunately, his body temperature was still on the high side. The vet is still trying his best to get the temperature down to the normal level.

Since the time I arrived at the clinic, it was also time to feed Panther more food and water. Surprisingly, he took in EVERYTHING without even dripping a drop. He was wonderful. He took in 5cc each of the food as well as water. I was impressed. That should be the way he should behave but that was all he could take in. After consulting with my vet, I also turned his body every half an hour and gave him some physiotherapies. Thanks Crystal of Save Moki for advising me to do that. I hope he will be in a better condition and can walk better when he recovers. What scared me is that when I tried to tickle his fractured hand, there was no response. The vet told me that it might take a week or so before he could really move his hand and the painkiller he was taking in may cause some numbness to his body.

When I left the clinic, Panther was fast asleep. I hope his temperature will go down by the time I see him again tomorrow. I shall not stop my prayers for his speedy recovery again tonight.

Saturday, May 17, 2008



This week’s theme is on CANDY.
I have been busy with some urgent matters,
so this is all that I can cook up this week.
My Hello Kitty CANDY and more.




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