Saturday, March 28, 2009



This week’s theme is on HANDS.
I have found a pair of HANDS that has
helped me to grow up to who I’m now.
I’m really fortunate to be living here…
- Jeremy -


P/S: I’m sorry for being a bit late this week as I have some kitty emergencies…

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Saturday, March 21, 2009



This week’s theme is on YELLOW.
There are so many thing in the house
that’s YELLOW but I have my favourite…



I hope Daddy could visit everyone this week
after he had cooled down from his anger…
Someone had left a big YELLOW pool of liquid on
his monitor that had short circuit the whole system…
He could not view anything until a replacement arrives…


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Friday, March 13, 2009



This week’s theme is on FOUR.
When you mention about FOUR,
The first thing that came into my mind
would be FOUR legged animals
namely my cats…
Cats are supposed to be on their FOUR feet…
Is that always true?
Not in my case as I felt that my FOUR
legged cats behave more like human…





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Friday, March 6, 2009



This week’s theme is on SPACE.
When you have 9 cats in the house,
you would need all the SPACE around
to make them happy…
Do you think that’s the only SPACE
you have to worry about?
No… there are more to that
in order to have a happy cat family.
One main one would be to meet
their demands 24 hours a day 7 days a week…
Read on…
Now you know why I have been staring
into SPACE all the time?
Their demands are getting
weirder and weirder each day…






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Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Some would say that it was sheer luck that I was saved from being blinded forever but to me it’s the fast reaction of Daddy to get me back to how I should be. A miracle happened on the third day of my injury. I can open my eyes and see how beautiful it is in the house now! I was able to play chase with my bratty brother Jimmy today. Without your prayers and purrs, God would not have heeded my plea to be able to see once again. Thank you!

Wait a minute! Why is Jimmy wearing a paper collar too? I know we are both twins but it does not mean that he has to dress the same as I am. He’s not even injured or sick!! Something must be wrong here… Daddy! Why is Jimmy wearing a collar too?


Aiks~!! Oh Daddy! Please don’t take it so seriously! All he did was to chew up a tiny bit of my paper collar. He meant no harm at all as it’s his usual cheeky self to play with anything.


I had forgiven him Daddy. Can you please free him from that dreadful collar? It’s not comfortable wearing that collar. He should have learned his lesson well not to chew on anything in sight. Can you… can you… forgive him Daddy? Please…


Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Thanks to everyone who had came in here to give us some comfort. I appreciate it a lot. The day went by rather hectic with me spending practically the whole day with Joey at the vet trying to get her all fixed up. It was indeed a terrible experience for her to be in a long distance trip to a foreign place with a foreign scent. Yup! I had to change my vet for some personal reasons.

Jackie (Eric & Flynn’s Mom) was right. She did not get any wounds from any excessive playing or fights but had injured herself by rubbing and rubbing her eyes until it bled. I must admit I did not watch the whole medical procedures as I was too exhausted, mentally and physically, from a hectic work schedule and the lack of sleep for staying up all night. I just dozed off in the waiting room for hours. I just wondered why the vet did not wake me up. I guessed she would have understood the tension and pressure I had the night before.


Based on the vet’s report, she did not find any foreign objects in her right eye but a tiny lump at the bottom of her eye lid. Most probably it could be an insect bite (suspected a mosquito) since she loves to hide and sleep in dark areas of the house. To kill the irritation, she had rubbed her eyes furiously and torn some tissues there. As a result, that was what happened as in the photos I had shown yesterday. It would take a few days with proper medication and eye drop before she could regain her total sight. I was so relieved to hear that as I thought my baby would be blinded for the rest of her life. Thank God!!

I have to say thanks to Lego too for making me remember him in his improvised paper plate collar when he was younger. The vet was amazed with my first reaction to stop Joey from injuring her eye further. We had a laugh after I told her about what Michico did for Lego. To her, that was a genius idea! Well, that did save me some dough too as the vet allowed me to do so later instead of spending more in getting a new collar for Joey.

Joey’s eye is getting better after more than 24 hours with the proper treatment. But… she could be real demanding. She still insisted on me hand feed and syringe feed her every few hours. Gosh! I hope this will end soon before I over pamper her with Her Majesty’s treatment. LOL!


I would also like to share something wonderful that happened last night. I was not alone taking care of Joey. Someone else was with me… Jimmy. It’s true that you can’t break the close ties between a pair of twins. Jimmy was beside his elder sister until the morning, giving her the warmth and comfort a sibling would do during bad times. It was so touching… I could not hold back my tears seeing such a rare sight between these two kittens. At first, he was just next to her staring, sniffing and licking her sister to give her a thorough wash before he dozed off in that position.


After half an hour or so, I saw him wrapping around Joey to keep her warm as it was still raining out there. It all came so naturally. I’m so thankful that I have such a great J family around to make my life more meaningful…


Monday, March 2, 2009



I have been asking myself this question ever since Joey slept barely an hour ago. Why must all the mishaps happen during a Sunday at odd hours when I can’t seek help from anyone? First it was a visiting Alpha with a badly torn lips, then Panther with a almost life threatening situation, then Janice with weird looking horns, then a badly beaten up stray at a nearby KFC outlet and now this? I guessed this is the act of God to test my patience and commitment to seek help for these poor kittens.

Barely few hours ago, I was still munching a piece of biscuit with all the J Kitties staring at my hand. Everyone was sitting there with those pathetic eyes wanting to have a bite. Half an hour later, I felt something rubbing at my feet and it was Joey. I felt dampness which I thought was her normal habit of playing with water in the washroom. As usual I would bring her up onto my lap and stroke her to sleep. She acted normal with her eyes closed while I was busy meeting some deadlines with my computer. A few seconds later, she began to feel agitated and started brushing her eyes furiously.

I saw watery blood and it almost cost me to fall over my chair. Gosh! What had happened? The others were all lazily scattered all over the sitting room and I did not hear any fights or any of them playing noisily as before. The sight got me panicked. She was blinded by a piece of pinkish flesh protruding through her right eye and the other could hardly open. It’s almost after midnight and it’s raining furiously out there. Who would answer my call at this hour? No one! Not even the vet!


I had to find a solution now. I hope the warm treatment I had applied would at least soothe her swell for the time being before the morning vet visit. Well, I had to use a paper plate to temporary stop her from further wounding her already swollen eye. It did help, provided the rest would just stop messing with her “new collar”. I guessed I would have to accompany her the whole night now to ensure that she’s not in further pain. It has been three hours after the incident now and seven hours before the vet would open his clinic for business. I’m sitting down here praying and hoping that the worst would not happen. I won’t want my baby to go blind but there’s nothing else I could do except to stroke her and give her the comfort she would need now. Not only is she crying… I am too… I had just lost my mood to do anything else but to wait patiently but sleepily as she would really need my help to finger feed her again when she wakes up.


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