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At two months and 4 days old, the twins, Jimmy and Joey had decided to open up their own business. I was telling them that they were just too young to be involved in any businesses but they insisted on trying their services for the first few days before deciding whether to invest in it. They will need a “guinea pig” to try out their services and who could that be? Well, there’s only one “pig” which is the biggest and fattest in the J Family… Jeremy!


They have decided to register their business as “Kitomatic Cleaning Machines” once everyone in the household approved of their quality services. I have seen them working hard on achieving that dream of theirs. They are very professional indeed. Every dirty spots on the “client” would be cleaned without further questions. I’m not sure whether I would want to let them out into the business world. It’s a jungle out there as only the best would survive and be successful for a long term. What do you think? Should I let them go? Here’s a video on their determination and commitment to be the best!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Criz, good to see you again and thanks for visiting and commenting. A Dragon Fruit plant, eh? I've seen those at the greengrocers but haven't actually tasted one. They look too pretty to eat!

I love the video of the Kitomatic Cleaner...it's funny how cats like to clean one another. Bella will clean Mitzi, but Mitz doesn't return the favour...little tart that she is.

Have a good week, Criz.

Gattina said...

Hahaha ! that's too cute ! Rosie could join them in their cleaning business, she also washes everybody in this house !
Hope your back gets better and also that the twins stop doing their (other) business everywhere ! It's awful !

Tink said...

Oww, they are so cute. I have 3 of those washing machines over here too, but my dogs keep them busy. One's little but the other one is big, so the kitomatics have a lot of work! :)

Luna und Luzie said...

Oh is that cute!!!
Unfortunately our cats don´t clean each other. Each clean itself. I´m a little sad about that.
I posted cleaning pictures too today.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Criz, those twins are so adorable. I would hire them! The video is just so great! Thank you for making me smile!!!!!

Unknown said...

Ohhhhhh do they do house visits? I need some pampering and good cleaning. They don't mind long fur or noisy stupid woofies do they?

~ Shadow ~

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh they are so cute!!!

Daisy said...

I would like to sign up for their services!

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

We would like to sign Speedy up to be a regular customer. Jeremy sure seems to enjoy it! If dey start der Kitomatic Cleaning bizness dey haf better invest in lots of hairball remedy too.

Irishcoda said...

Kitomatic Cleaning Machines, ROFL. YOur kitties are so adorable!

Asta said...

I think Joey and Jimmy Awe faboolous at theiw cleaning sewvice, but pawhaps they can do it fwom home, and scween the clients vewy cawefully..I would not let them out into the big bad wowld
smoochie kisses

kuanyin333 said...

What a great business idea! Sure, get those cats working for ya and paying their own way Daddy Criz! LOL!

Mr. Hendrix said...

oh boy! the Kitomatic Cleaners are fantastic. i wish i could have them come groom me while i just hang out. that would be so cool.

i say, let them take a shot. they seem determined.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Very professional indeed. Do they do international housecalls for long haired cats?

Karen Jo said...

Jimmy and Joey are certainly very determined to do a good job. They are very thorough. I think you should let them work from home and have the kitties wanting their services come to them. They are too little to go out into the big, bad world as yet.


I love your businesses name!
They are all equipped with the
best scrubby tongue! Have a good
weekend Criz! Have you given the
Tortie baby kitty a good wash up?
If you can catch her.... it helped
my cats be more friendly after their siblings come home from
the vets....

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