Monday, March 28, 2011


Have you ever wondered why at certain time, your pet's characters and behaviors swayed from bad to worst? This is something that most of us would be in a daze as we could not understand their language and there tends to be lots of communication breakdowns. No matter what, there's something quite universal about your pet(s) and you. All of us have feelings and we do get into periodical mood swings as well. On top of that, fear, insecurity, the need of love and affection, understanding, communication are some of the common scenarios we faced each day. I'm going to share with you a touching real-life Japanese video on the relationship between a cat and his owner. I'm sorry that only Chinese subtitle is provided but I did a summary in English just right after the video for a clearer understanding of what really happened as shown below.

A 5 years old cat (named Gu La) suddenly turned violent against everyone at home, especially when confronting with the eldest daughter, Mei. Ever since being adopted from the garbage bin as a kitten, both Mei and Gu La were inseparable. Now, both of them cannot even stay in the same room. With the help of a lady (Hai Bo) whom can communicate with animals, they finally knew about Gu La's temperamental problems.

It was amazing how Hai Bo could calm down Gu La in a sitting posture and by the blink of the eyes. Everyone did the same action to gain back Gu La's confidence. From Gu La's body action, it was learned that he had a sad and angry history. He felt the insecurity when Mei moved out from the house to further her studies. The time spent together got lesser and lesser as the days passed. He has lost his mother two weeks from birth and is Mei as his adopted mother discarding him as well?

He missed the hugs Mei gave him ever since small. From sadness, loneliness and fear, it became anger. By showing her endless love commitment to Gu La, Mei finally got his trust to mend the lost relationship. "I never hate Gu La and leave the house. I have to further my studies, thus I have no choice but to leave Gu La for awhile. Even though we are separated, I have always love Gu La. I do really wish I could be with Gu La as before." Mei kept radiate her love from her heart towards Gu La.

Gu La suddenly changed his pose, "Come... scratch my tummy~". Mei has not been showing her affection by stroking Gu La for 3 years. To her surprise, Gu La extended his paw towards Mei as if it was a peace hand shake. Now everyone can stroke Gu La without having the fear of being scratched at. This was indeed a touching moment~ :)

Note: I tried my best to get the information translated as accurately as possible. The names of the cat and human are from direct translation. I hope I got them right~ :P


Anonymous said...

wow, that is pretteh amazing!

Everycat said...

It's wonderful that the family sought help and that Gu Lai is now happy again within his family. If only every human understood that we animals have just as rich and complex emotional lives as they do, the world would be a better place for animals.


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