Friday, March 7, 2008



This week’s theme is on DIFFERENT.
I will be quite busy with the election between DIFFERENT parties
this coming weekend.
I will let Jeremy show you the meaning of DIFFERENT.
(pass the computer over to Jeremy)

Hello all daddies, mummies, human, cats and kitties.. err.. woofies too! :P
I am here today to train your right mind to capture
the meaning of DIFFERENT.
Just follow the following photos and you will understand
the word DIFFERENT better. Good Luck!






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Thank you and have a Nice Weekend!


Cecil the Cougar: said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! That is the cutest Difference I have ever seen! You are very good at explaining things!

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

*knock criz's head*
I thought what difference leh!!! Had me staring at those pictures for a while!!! *pulls.hair.out*

Daisy said...

I spotted the difference!

TeacherJulie said...

Lovely set of photos :)

Have a great weekend, Criz.

Liz said...

yes, yes the color! but not only that, there's one more... the cat on top is different too because he/she is the only one awake, hehe.

happy weekend criz.

Susan Demeter said...

Oh my!! They are different, but very cute!!! Happy photo hunting!

Pat said...

Oh I love them - they are all so cute!!

Happy Weekend.

jams o donnell said...

It must be the colour.. that or one is a well disguised rabbit I suppose! Great take on this week's theme!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Great shots! Although the difference in colors is not that rare when there are several kittens.Have a great weekend!

Sarge Charlie said...

and they are brothers and sisters, nice

Anonymous said...

Yup...I also thought about their colors. Beautiful cats you got there.

Happy Weekend.

jmb said...

They are so cute and I'm not a cat lover. Good luck with the election and have a great weekend.

Rach said...

cute pics!

Irishcoda said...

LOL, I have to admit I was looking for something other than color but the upside is that I got a chance to really look over these cute little guys! :)

eastcoastlife said...

*piak Criz's head*

Make me stare and stare at the photos... trying not to look stupid! I notice the colour but thought you were asking for something different.

*piak piak buttocks with my flip-flops*

JesieBlogJourney said...

Yes, one cat is the "watchdog" with eyes wide open. The rest are sound asleep.

Lana G! said...


Ladynred said...

Beautiful colors of the cats..Adorable!!!

Bubbles said...

I see it!!


Greets from us in Holland

ps - just found you through our friend Princess

Colin Campbell said...

One is a chicken?

admin said...

we knew you're different, not only your color and still awake, but we think probably your the most mischievousest;)

Jen said...

This was fun!! It made me smile! I LOVE cats!! Have a great weekend!

Crazy Working Mom said...

I LOVE the difference. :)
Too sweet. Congrats on the newbies.

Happy Hunting!

Tisha @ CrAzY Working Mom

2crazydogs said...

That is very different. Yes, I saw the "different" after scrolling thru for a while.

Harajuku PearL said...

Like your kitty who doesnt want to go to sleeeeppp!!!..hahahahaha

Nice take ;)


Samantha & Mom said...

Hello, we just found your site through Cecil! So cute!! We thought the difference was all the cats were asleep, but one!! Then we saw the color difference!! Very cool! We are going to save your link and come back to see more.
Your FL furiends,

PastormacsAnn said...

I love them all snuggled up like that. Sweet, warm fuzzle choice for "different" this week.

Leah said...

Oh, what cuties. I spotted the B&W kitty on the first phot.

nice take on the theme and great pictures.

PowersTwinB said...

Oh Criz...you are a character! LOL...Love you "difference, can you find it?" post! Thanks for visiting me and leaving your Photo Hunt lnk...I did look around and got lost on your site!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Criz,...... those kittens are beautiful. I enjoyed the other photos of the babies too. Have a good week.

Pelfy said...

Oh.. my!! They are all so lovely (=

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Oh but they are so cute!!!

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