Thursday, May 22, 2008


To know more on what had happened to Panther and how he is progressing, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”, “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”, “PURRS FROM PANTHER”, “SCARS OF A LIFETIME” and “INPUT BUT NO OUTPUT?

LATEST UPDATE: 22/5/08 9.30AM

Ok… Here is a quick one before I go off in a few hours’ time and I have yet to pack all my things. Hehe… I had made an appointment with the vet at 8.00am to check on Panther. The vet greeted me with a mask on. “Congratulation! Panther made “it” but I have to wear this. Here’s yours.” I was confused as I had never worn a mask into his clinic before. OMG! Even with the mask on, I almost fainted when he opened the door. The whole room smelled like… errrr… Shit!

Panther did make “it” last night but it was all soft, sticky, mucus-like and of course super duper smelly. The vet told me that it was due to the liquid diet he was still taking in. He will be running further test on that and if something is not right, he will do a full scan again. I just nodded and told him to do whatever is necessary. After giving Panther a few strokes, I left. As usual, he would grab my hand, refusing to let me go.

Anyway, I’m running out of time here. I hope I won’t be caught stealing some catnaps in the 3-days 9am-11pm seminar. So, see you all early next week.

Psss… Please keep an eye on those brats for me. Make sure they behave well. I do not know what crazy things they will be doing inside here for the next few days. Thanks!


Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Pooooooooh! But I am glad Panther has opened his bowels and hope that he continues to do well.

You mean Jeremy is taking over the computer again? Very smart cat, that one.

Enjoy the seminar!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Well, that's smelly but good news. Sounds like Panther is recovering.

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