Sunday, May 25, 2008


You may want to know about the two strays that have been coming to the house for meals everyday. These two are from a mother stray cat that had moved to another area. Initially, there were three kittens but one disappeared mysteriously. The mother cat had abandoned these two stray kittens, leaving them to fend for their own food which is quite hard in this neighborhood.


Daddy wanted to name them Jxxxx and Jxxxx but we objected. He has no choice but to call them She-Stray and He-Stray. Do you think we should let Daddy give them names? Anyway, Mama Jess disliked us mixing with those two. Each time she sees them, she will chase them out far far away. It sounded like revenge as it was their mother that bullied Papa Jon and herself when they were young.

Here is the She-Stray that came to visit Daddy on Friday but Daddy was still out of town for his seminar. She loved to laze outside the porch area to sun bathe each morning.


This is her brother, He-Stray. He used to come very near to Daddy. But after Daddy caught him and sent him to the vet to stitch up his badly wounded mouth, he seemed to have a phobia of coming nearer to Daddy now. Even when Daddy fed him each day, he would move further away until Daddy had gone into the house. Maybe he is a stray, brought up to be very defensive of any attacks. We do not see Uncle Panther having that fear. So far, there have been no news on Uncle Panther. The last time we heard from Daddy, he was improving speedily. We hope he is doing fine. Daddy better come back faster to check on him.

Here is how bad He-Stray was in until Daddy got him all mended up. Gosh! He is so handsome now!




Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hey you guys are phenomenal. Not only can you get into the computer and type but you can also take pictures of She-stray when she visited when your Daddy was away. hope panther is doing well. Make sure you remind your Daddy to tell us when he finds out on his return.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

BTW the strays are cuties.

Anonymous said...

you kitties get to use the camera? no fair - the Lady won't let us touch hers! your Daddy sure is nice to feed those strays and take care of them when they're hurt.

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Saw you guys over at the party Opus and Roscoe threw for Karl and Ruis. Did your Daddy know you were living it up whle he was away at a seminar?

Daisy said...

The little strays are so cute. I love their thoughtful and expressive eyes. And I am so glad your dad got the little boy's lip all fixed up.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! Look at how handsome that stray is now!

Jans Funny Farm said...

Those two are so cute, especially since He-stray's face has healed. Won't you let them feed at your house?

Momo has a good point. You guys are so good at blogging and taking photos, you could give your dad a real run for the prize.

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