Friday, March 7, 2008


I have always told that fat boy Jonathan that he should go on diet but he just never listen to my advice. Everyday he would gobble up 400g of cat food, followed by his marathon siesta. Even when he is awake, he would just laze around the couch and watch TV (with me of course :P). After countless of reminders, he would still ignore my advice until one day he had some pain on his chest (yea… I touch his chest and he gave me that funny painful moan). See… now who is at the losing end? LOL!









Cecil the Cougar: said...

uh ohs, Jonathon maybe you should ....see the .... v-e-t. I am sorry to make this suggestion, but a painful heart is nothing to take lightly. I hope you are feeling better! The good thing is that I do not think you look chubby, you look very skinny compared to my Grandma's kitty! The v-e-t had to put HIM on a diet though because he is at risk for diabetes at his weight. Please be careful and stay healthy! PURRS.


I love the pink paw pads.
This is not a fat cat,
you need to see a 20 lb
cat - that's big! My
Fluffy was a Siamese mix
who weighed 16 lb and a
female too. Sometimes it
is in the genes. Thanks
for your post, yes I think
fashion goes backwards.
The reason being how many
new ways can you dress the
same basic human form?

Irishcoda said...

Uh oh, watch out Jon, our vet just scolded us for letting Kosmo gain too much weight and warned us about diabetes. You don't want to get diabetes, better cut back a little on your chow!

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