Monday, March 31, 2008



The cover model of this issue is Janice, the oldest of the triplets. You can see how healthy and energetic she is today after having fever during the last few days. She will be 3 months’ old in a few days’ time. She will tell you more on what happened during the last few days when she was sick. “Well, we have a few accidents and sickness here in the J Family. Who asked the boys to be so playful until they sprained their paws? Mama Jess on the other hand vomited but she’s fine now. Jeremy is a bad boy. He still doesn’t know how to pee and poo at the right place and he stinks!!” “Hey! Cut that out Janice! You are not supposed to tell others how bad your adopted brother is…hummph~~!!”

Okay, now back to this week’s review. If you would like to know more on other cats and kittens’ in the CATSOPHERE, do check out Karen Jo’s site. She will write a brief on those cats and kittens accompanied by a limerick. She sure knows how to rhyme her kitty limerick perfectly.

Spring is officially back and most of the beans will have spouts and buds, birds and fishes showing up gradually. Some are still experiencing some snow but it would not be long before the snow will melt and greeneries spawn all over the gardens. Happy rolling on the grass then! :)

Almost everyone in the CATSOPHERE was very concerned over the health of Miral who was down with some heart problems. Fortunately, she is a fighter. She battled the illness positively and is now taking in some food to maintain her strength. Although she is still weak, her spirit of staying strong has never stopped. Go send Miral some purrs and purrayers to show that you care for her to stay strong.

Are you into scrapbook? Check out Leslie’s site and see for yourself how well he did his cats’ collections in a beautifully scrapbook style. Who said top cats can’t rule in one of the beans’ hobbies? In fact, he did even better than most of the beans out there.

The featured photo this week is on our famous Egyptian duo, Dragonheart and Merlin. They will show you how warm and comfortable it is to be in their own sleeping bags. In fact, they prefer to share the warmth in one sleeping bag. They sure look cute, cuddling each other in the bag.


Dragonheart, Merlin, Devi, and Chloe said...

Aww, thank you for the mention! That's a fabulous magazine cover! We are glad Janice is feeling better!

HRH Yao-Lin said...

That magazine cover is adorable! Better than Hello, OK etc - all the people glossy mags are boring compared to that! Love it!

Glad you approved of my boxing outfit. I am slowly kicking the human into shape!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Congrats to Dragonheart and Merlin!

Leslie said...

Woo hoo! The topcatrules girls made it onto a magazine cover! How cool is that!! :)

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Wow, they are all my special friends on that lovely magazine cover! I would do a spin and a happy dance if I could! Good to see that Janice ahs recovered well.

Thanks for visiting me!

Daisy said...

I hope the little paws are on the mend!

Deana said...

I am so glad Janice is feeling better. I know that had to scare you! Your cover is sensational, as always. You never fail to be creative!

Anonymous said...

Criz, I am here for the first time... What a wonderful blog you have, and so great to meet you and all the J cats!! A weekly CATSOPHERE magazine, WOW!!

Thank you for telling me about your blog. Thank you for your support and purrayers for my sister Miral! And thank you calling her fighter, yes, she is! :)


michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Great cover as always,
I am so unpatiently waiting every week cover magazine~!!!
So so great!!

meemsnyc said...

What a nice magazine cover!

Mickey's Musings said...

That is a cool magazine(E-zine)!! I like it too :)
I'll have to come and check it out from now on :)
Purrs Mickey

Cecil the Cougar: said...

Janice is looking very beautiful on the cover! She is a natural model! I am hoping that everyone is feeling better and that Jeremy is working on his poops!

Karen Jo said...

Thank you so much for putting me on your magazine cover and giving me a link. I really appreciate it. I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here, but I caught a cold and was offline for a couple of days.

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