Wednesday, December 31, 2008


(A lengthy but worth reading post on the J Family Kitties)

It all started with a pair of brother and sister, Papa Jonathan and Mama Jessica, both were born on 21 March 2007 along the street of my neighborhood. Subsequently, the pair followed me home on the night of 9 June 2007 and remained in the comfort of their forever home until today. Here they were eating and sleeping well… until an incident changed their lives seven months later…







SEVEN MONTHS LATER… 4 January 2008… the start of a new J Family…






On 23 February 2008, the day of Janice was adopted by my friend (subsequently returned three days later for not being too litter smart… LOL!), a furry flea stricken kitten was thrown right at my door step. I took pity on the kitten and added him into the J Family. That was Jeremy then…



Another unexpected incident happened on 15 April 2008. Mama Jessica decided to ignore her nursing duties and went missing for 4 days when I was extremely ill. I thought it was just a getaway for taking care of the triplets so hard. The situation appeared differently after THREE MONTHS. On 22 June 2008… I had the twins, Jimmy and Joey.





When I thought EIGHT would be enough in the J Family, another unexpected stray came knocking on my door for food as early as 18 August 2008. She eventually did not go away as the many that had visited within 2008 and claimed my house as hers. That’s Jolyn… the 9th and latest member of the J Family Kitties…



I hope the number will stop here as there could be another health disaster as Janice getting weird “horns” and the rest getting sick all at the same time. Although I still did received many uncalled for visits throughout the month of December, I had decided to put on hold any other adoptions for 2009 until I had settled the remaining of their outstanding medical bills. Geez! That few weeks old stray kitten has fur like Jeremy… Oops… STOP THINKING DADDY CRIZ!!

Anyway, it has been a great 2008 for the J Family Kitties. Without all the love, support and prayers given by you, they won’t be here to amuse you more. Thank you everybody for showing so much support and compassion towards the kitties.

Happy New Year and may 2009 and years ahead bring you more love, happiness, wealth and health!

Signing off for 2008,
Criz & the J Family Kitties.


Jans Funny Farm said...

That's some year in review! It's been a very busy time at your house this year.

Hope 2009 is a more prosperous and healthy year for you.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

Wow! Did you have some year!

Unknown said...

Yoo has a big heart!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow what a year!!! And what a perfect little family!!! They all knew you has a house of love!! :))
You can always get by when you has got each other.. I thinks the baby making maybe should be off the cards for here on in :P hehe

We hope the new year is extra good to you all :)))


eastcoastlife said...

May all of you and Papa be more charming, richer, healthier and happiest this coming new year!!

Happy year 2009!

Greetings and cheers from sunny Singapore!

Gattina said...

When I think I always wanted only one cat ! and I also ended up with five over the years, lol ! It's hard to say no when such a cute homeless thing "knocks" at your door !
I wish you and the whole cat family a very happy New Year !!

Parker said...

Happy New Year to all of you!
See you next year!

Rosemary B❤️ said...

Haappy New Year to allll of you
purrrs and kisses
Princess and Pierro

Daisy said...

It sure has been an eventful year for you!

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is the best year ever (and much quieter for you, too)!

catsynth said...

It has been quite a year.

Wishing a happy and healthy 2009 for our friends!

Luna und Luzie said...

A happy and healthy new Year to you all !

Luna, Luzie, Olli, Patch and Stefanie

Angel Junior, Orion and Sammy said...

Wow! What a year! Hope this one is filled with not so many adoptions and good health for all of you!!!!!!!!

Junior, Orion and Meowm


**clappin paws**
We loved the year in review!
Wishing you lots of healthy purrs in the new year!

Happy New Year's Eve!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year!! We all hope its filled with lots of new and great things for you all. =)

I is Jake!
Mommy Bean Laure
TT's spirit

Jason Law said...

You always have the best pictures and the words for us. Just wonder how you do that...

Anyway, what a lovable family you have.. It must be tiring but I believe that's something you worth to do it..

Happy new year !

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

What a year!!! It has its ups and downs but the looks on all those cute faces are worth it.

All the best for a Happy and safe New Year!

Thankyou for being my furriends!

The Activist said...

Happy new yr to the J family.

Criz you are the most kind hearted man I ever come across for giving the feline wonders home to stay. Thanks for the love

By the way, will you get them neutered so they dont keep multiplying?

Sabrina, Sam and Simon said...

Wowee Mr. Criz, that was quite a year! We wish you and all of the J Kitties a very happy and mellow2009!
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon

Anonymous said...

it's really funny cats. I like all..

Happy New Year for u..and wish u all the best

The Island Cats said...

Happy New Year to all of you! We can see how much love there is in your family!

Mickey's Musings said...

We wish you all a

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!
We hope 2009 is good to all of you too :)
Purrs Mickey,Georgia and Tillie

Selba said...

I'm so glad to find and read this post.

It really touches my heart! You really have a kind heart and soul, Criz!

Wish you all the best :)

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