Wednesday, May 21, 2008


To know more on what had happened to Panther and how he is progressing, you can read more in my earlier post “HIS LIFE COULD NOT BE ANY BETTER”, “PANTHER - THE CAT WITH THE FIGHTING SPIRIT”, “PURRS FROM PANTHER” and “SCARS OF A LIFETIME

LATEST UPDATE: 21/5/08 10.40PM

Today was another busy day for me. I managed only to catch up with Panther at 4.30pm. He ate a lot today compared to yesterday but we have a problem here. So much food has gone into his tummy but nothing has come out yet. In fact, his tummy has bloated up a lot. The vet has tried many ways to make him poo but all we ever get was Panther polluting the room with his poisonous gas… Haha! The vet did check through his **ahem**. There was no injury at all. We were scratching our heads what else could be wrong with him. Haiz... it looked like he needed another X-ray tomorrow if things do not go as expected. Let’s hope he will do his “big” business tonight.


Well, I might not be able to give updates on Panther tomorrow as I would be on my way down to Kuala Lumpur. Anyway, I have giving the vet the authority to do whatever is necessary for Panther if anything else goes wrong. **touch wood**. Every time when I want to bid farewell to Panther, I will see the scars on his body. Gosh… so many all over his body! But this time, I saw a pattern. It could be some words or some numbers. Maybe you all could identify what it is.


In case I could not make it to provide updates, I have the J Family members to entertain you until I am back next week. Please give them some supports. If I have the spare time and internet access in KL, I will surely keep you all posted.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

We will keep purring for Panther.

admin said...

ohh...get well soon Panther

Daisy said...

Panther, please poop! I think you will feel much better after that. I will purr and purr for you to get all better.

Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope Panther comes through this latest problem with no further problems.

Have a safe trip.

Anonymous said...

we're purring and purring for him. and our Lady wants to pet his furry tummy.

Deetz said...

Thanks for signing my guestbook...Is panther going to be okay? I sure hope so....Can you give panther some pepto bismol...will that help....

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Breaks my heart to see all those scars. Hope Panther does his 'business' soon and continues to improve. Have a good trip to KL!

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

We're still purraying too.

That pattern does look like something... first thought is that it looks like a pattern of light breaking through cracks, like when you paint a window black but it cracks and light can come through.

I also see two birds. One looks like it's flying up and the other looks like it's flying sideways.

The bottom scars show three lines: two are connected, and two is the number of duality (like yin and yang). Three is the number of foundation. One is the number of new beginnings. So... my overactive imagination says that he's going through good and bad right now in order to establish a new beginning that will be the foundation for the rest of his life.

The Lee County Clowder said...

We're all hoping everything comes out OK in (from?) the end. :-) Maybe a "Most Beautiful Siamese Cat In The World" would help.


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