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After posting up the article on the begging kitty, some readers had asked me why there were so many strays around here. I must say, it’s due to the mentality of the people living in this country. It’s not that we do not have animal lovers over here but most of them would rather own a pedigree rather than to adopt a stray from the limited animal shelters around here. Thus, you would see strays in practically all the states in Malaysia.


In my neighborhood alone, other than the 8+1 lucky J Kitties living comfortably under my wings, there were more than 50 stray cats and 5 stray dogs roaming about my high trafficked neighborhood. Of these alarming numbers, 12 stray kitties (excluding Panther who is getting a steady supply monthly) and 2 stray puppies have been quite regular seeking food from me almost daily. It’s really tough for them to hunt for food except to dig into the rubbish bins and mess up the whole area. Some would even be abused for their actions when they did nothing wrong but to get some food for their ever hungry tummies. It’s really a pitiful sight here to see their skinny and bacteria infected bodies.


Sometimes, I felt hurt inside for not being able to help them out. It was indeed beyond my means as well as my time. All these while, it has been my sole effort to help these poor strays. It should have been the efforts of many to keep the population down. I even got to find out from the local SPCA that you can even count the number of people with one hand, who were willing to help spay or neuter a stray. The fees even though being sponsored 50% by the SPCA with their limited funding would cost around $50 or more each. Moreover, I hated the idea of them cutting a “V” off the ears as tagging that the strays had been spayed or neutered.


Well, Janice almost had that experience if not for the help of FOTCB. Thanks ladies for saving her! Mama Jessica would have to get hers before this month end... hopefully. I do not think I would want get a football team in here. LOL! Anyway, I was to stop at EIGHT but now I ended up with NINE. A cat might have NINE lives but I have only ONE and it’s getting tougher each day. If you can see any Nuffnang advertisements below this post or at the left side bar anytime you are in here, please help me click on the ads for two minutes. At least 5 cents each click would help lessen the burden. Thanks!


Anyway, I had a pleasant surprise yesterday. I had a visit from two of my past strays. One of them was Mimi and Jolyn’s momma. Gosh! She’s definitely a kitty making machine. I wish I can get her to stop there but how could she when there will always be a tom cat tagging along wherever she goes. You can even see a grey tom cat beside her. He is one of the two cats with that color around here and possibly the father to my twins Jimmy and Joey. I should have asked Mama Jessica about that. LOL! Anyway, both received the same treatment as the rest of the strays… some ocean fish biscuits and a bowl of clean water.


TorAa said...

Dear you,
you have the same heart nad feelings for Cats that we do have.
Here, in our Summerhouse area, it is not many stary cats, but the male cats are allways around as we have two female felines.
But it's no more two - because they do their fight before approaching us.
You, know, these male cats feels they are winners - which also means they demand we have to feed them.
We do, 'cause they can be far away from their original homes. We know they are well fed and taken care of, but they stay with our felines during our season at the summerhouse. We also realize they are missed by their human "parents". But what can we do - it's just "Cats lives".

have a great rest and miueeow with the Cats and give them some nice scratches from Rosa and Felicia.

Team Tabby said...

We are so glad that you do what you can to help the stray kitties. There are so many unfortunately. We feel lucky to have been rescued ourselves. Our two brothers have good homes as well. One brother lives a half mile away. Hope you are feeling better now, Criz.

Mindy & Moe

Gemini and Ichiro said...

It is hard not to become overwhelmed with the numbers of strays that need assistance.

Mickey's Musings said...

It is wonderful that you do what you can for the strays. Maybe someday other people will want to help and love the kitties.
Helping a little bit is better than not helping at all. You are a wonderful,kind person.

Purrs Mickey

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

Hope you are feeling better. The 'stray' problem is certainly big where you live. It's wonderful of you to take care of so many, but it really is getting a bit out of hand. Perhaps you can start a local group to help with the situation.

Alastriona, The Cats and Dogs said...

So sad that people are so irresponsible. ~S,S & C

ZOOLATRY said...

You are a good man.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

You are good to help the strays. It is a shame that there is no-one to help you.

The Taylor CatSSSSS said...

Oh Criz, I know that you are doing everything you can. But, there is only one of you and many of these poor needy strays.

Is there any way to start a local group? I know in Seaside, Florida, the residents keep food bowl out every where and different people put food out when necessary. I would be happy to help you form some kind of rescue group.

We would hold a raffle and raise some monies just for Food for Strays.

I know that you do everything you can and with NINE kitties, you are definitely FULL UP!

You have a wonderful heart and a pure soul.

I am honored to have you as a friend!

Oh, and your J cats are very inventive. I read their plan on my kittie's blog! Tell them to teleport on over!!

Love, Deb

Kaz's Cats said...

Criz, Thank you for doing what you can for the poor little stray animals - it's sad that so many struggle to find enough to eat. Gypsy and Tasha are sending you their best purrs to stay well, 'cos you do such a lot of good things for animals in need,



Sweet Purrfections said...

I am proud of you for what you are doing for the poor stray kitties. Thank you for what you do to help out.

Us4 Cats said...

I am happy I found your site this evening.

I am a fellow cat lover and have been searching for other cat blogs.

ben said...

my mum is one of the keeper for stray cats! at a point of time, we hav more than 10 at home >_<

Life's Roller Coaster~

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