Thursday, June 5, 2008


The triplets, Janice, Jayson and Justin celebrated their 5th month birthday yesterday but Jeremy was kind of moody because he was picked up from the streets without me knowing when he was born. So, I threw the questions to the readers to decide on Jeremy’s birth date. Many proposed that he should celebrate together with the triplets but Katztales suggested that I should check through the CatScope. I was dumbfounded! The results were extremely accurate. So accurate that I need to read a few times just to confirm them.


However, Jeremy could never share the same birth date as the triplets on 4th January 2008 as a Capricorn kitty as his characteristics and behaviors are totally out in the horoscope. So the next possible date would be two weeks before which falls on 20th December 2007. He is a Sagittarius. The result again was so accurate. Gosh… now I have to remember additional 3 dates a year to celebrate with them. Haha! But due to the majority of the comments favoring that Jeremy should celebrate on the same day as the triplets, I guessed I have to made it so but he has to remain as a Sagittarius. :P

Here are the results that I had obtained for Papa Jonathan and Mama Jessica as well as Panther. Did the writer read straight from my mind or it was just coincidental? Please note all the highlighted red wordings and you will know the J Family members better.


More serious and deliberate than most, it's likely that the Capricorn cat will live to a ripe old age. Why? Well, for one, there's no risk-taking behavior going on with this kitty. The Capricorn feline will plod along, amusing itself by watching the other animals as they play to their heart's content. What keeps this creature happy is helping out and working hard. Need someone to attend to those pesky mice? The Cap cat will do it daily. Stable and serene, the Cap feline will appreciate a comfortable home and a happy family. These animals won't need much exercise, either -- for them, work is exercise! This is a cat that really loves to feel needed, so don't be reluctant to dole out those chores. Very self-controlled, the Cap kitty is easy to house-train and will know the importance of following the family rules. Self-reliant as well, this is a cat that will do just fine back home while Mom, Dad, and the kids take a family trip. While the Cap cat doesn't need much touch or love, it does like to be neat and clean, so brush them regularly. Watch their bones and teeth, too, as these areas may require special attention.


Does your Sagittarius kitty seem to be having a good time all the time? That's because this is the happy-go-lucky cat of the zodiac, always playful and jumping around and letting their master know just how delighted they are to be in their home. Extremely energetic as well, this is a feline that would much rather be outdoors, climbing trees and catching birds. This is an animal that can't stand to be cooped up, so don't lock it in inside if at all possible. What the Sag cat excels at is being a scout. That trusty mouse-catcher? A Sag, for sure! Bring your Sag kitty with you while you're gardening or having a bbq, as they are sure to enhance the experience. As Sagittarius is the sign of freedom, be sure that your kitty has plenty of room to roam. These animals like to wander off and enjoy getting plenty of exercise while they're at it. That said, they will always remember that they're part of a family unit, so you needn't worry that they won't return from those nocturnal adventures. Finally, the Sag cat is great with kids, so expect a lot of cuddling!


Ready for a workout? That's exactly what you'll get from your Aries kitty since this is the most energetic animal who is sure to keep you fit. The Aries feline will do whatever it wants and offer plenty of meowing. Not very good behavior, eh? Oh well, this cat is such a cutie that you're bound to overlook that lack of good manners. Friendly and sweet, your Aries kitty will be in heaven when company comes over, the better to show off its favorite tricks. This is also an assertive sign for a cat, and can be expected to protect your home (as much as that's possible)! While your Aries furball may appear a bit compulsive at times, it's only because they are so action-oriented and revel in a fun-filled day of play, so be sure to let them roam. Competitive, too, your Aries kittycat will want to be the king or queen of the neighborhood, jumping farther and faster just to show everyone how special they are. Keep showing this creature new games (hopefully with new toys!), and their love will be limitless. As Aries rules the head, eyes, and ears, be mindful of these areas on your favorite feline.


You may need to pull back a bit after a stunt of yours goes awry and it may be pretty embarrassing! That's okay, though, because you can recover from almost anything and should be back in action soon. The lone ranger of the kitty kingdom has arrived! The Scorpio cat is more independent than most, but along with that self-sufficiency comes a strong-willed, almost stubborn demeanor. That said, this feline will be extremely loyal once comfortable in the family. Hey, that's true grit. Mysterious as well, the Scorpio kitty could wander off for days in search of adventure yet will always return. What pet would cross three states only to come back to its master in the end? Surely a Scorpio! The Scorpio cat is also emotional and intuitive and can easily sense when things aren't right. If their master is upset, they will surely stay close, the better to comfort you in their own way. Call them nosy? Well, maybe, as this is the kind of kitty that needs to know what's going on, whether it's family dynamics or the contents of the neighborhood garbage cans. Beware of what this feline might bring in the door! The Scorpio cat does things its own way. Simply put, this is one unfussy animal that just wants to find a place to call home.


Mickey's Musings said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing!!! Those horoscopes are so accurate,especially Panthers!!
Want to know somrthing really cool? Mom's birthday is January 4 !!!!!!!! That is something she shares with the triplets :)
I must go read mine,it's in July :)
Purrs Mickey

michico*Adan*Lego-小芥*阿丹*樂高 said...

Wowww...a Birth Date Analysis~!!!
Glad to know you more!

meemsnyc said...

Happy 5th month birthday!

Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

Now, that's alot of parties we can look forward too! :D
We will go check out ours soon. :)

Tybalt said...

How neat!!!!!

Asta said...

I'm a Viwgo, and my Mommi is a sagitawiouses,and Daddi is a Libwa
I have no idea what that means, but i suwe enjoyed weading about all of you
Happy fifth momf Birfday to the twiplets...I say celebwate all the time!!!!
You awe all so vewy adowable..glad you like my mommi's paintings
smoochie kisses

Irishcoda said...

How cool and what a lot of fun! :) I have to go check for the gang too :D

Angel MoMo and Charlotte said...

I was a street kitty and came to SS fully grown and pregnant. Prehaps I should check and see what sign I belong according to characteristics and assign myself a birthday too!

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